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Parasols & pergolas

Tie your outdoor space together with an elegant parasol or bioclimatic pergola. Parasols provide a practical form of shade and are a must if you have a garden dining table or set of sun loungers. Discover our impressive cantilever parasols and modest centre pole sunshades. If you are looking for something more substantial, our pergolas and gazebos are the perfect fixtures to choose from. Use a traditional garden gazebo as the seating area for your future barbecues or spend more time lounging on your garden furniture under a modern pergola. Whatever your needs are, sweeek has an extensive range of high-quality products at the best price. Integrated LED lighting and tiltable canopies are some of the smart features waiting to be discovered!

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Protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is essential if you plan on spending a lot of time in your garden. Not only will a garden parasol or patio awning protect you from the strength of the sun, but it will also accent the existing decor of your terrace or patio. Bright-coloured canopies or the understated aluminium structure of a garden pergola will add a significant design statement to your outdoor space.


Parasols are a unique garden accessory in that no matter which model you choose, they fit in automatically with your aesthetic. Fortunately, our parasols are available in various colours making it even easier for you to match your parasol with the colour scheme of your garden sofa set or armchairs. Our cantilever parasols are designed for bigger outdoor spaces and our centre pole parasols are ideal for small patios or terraces.


Rectangular, round, square? It is difficult to choose between the numerous models available in the marketplace. Although there are so many options available, it all comes down to a matter of preference. A round parasol creates a more inclusive and intimate feeling and is unburdened by symmetry. Square-shaped parasols are perfect for large areas that are furnished with L-shaped garden sofas. They establish a sense of uniformity and completion. A rectangular canopy is a less conventional selection and will bring something unique to your terrace or patio.


Parasols do not take up a lot of ground space. Depending on the size of your base weight, you should not need that much floor space for your parasol. The majority of space needed will be in mid-air, therefore choosing the size of your parasol will be based on its surroundings. If you have a balcony, a smaller centre pole parasol may be suitable. For a large terrace, one of our square-shaped cantilever parasols would be perfect. Having a centre pole parasol could look underwhelming in a bigger area.


Common in Egyptian gardens, pergolas and gazebos were a luxurious item and continue to be considered as such today. Their design has changed over centuries to become more practical and adaptable.


A pergola is a more permanent form of shelter compared to a gazebo. It can be an extension of the main house and provides a comfortable place for lounging. Sheltering you from the wind and rain, a pergola allows you to spend more time in your garden. Our bioclimatic pergolas have natural ventilation, adjustable slats and are weather-resistant. If you prefer the look of a canopy, we have pergolas fitted with a classic canopy instead of slats to soften the tone of your garden.

Our bioclimatic pergolas are made using galvanized steel and aluminium. An aluminium frame guarantees durability and strength. The galvanized steel slats are easily adjusted using the crank. Fixed to the ground, your pergola can be used year-round. Shade yourself from the sun on a sweltering summer day or take a long soak in your hot tub without having the wind hitting your face. Our privacy screens can be added to your pergola to shelter you from the wind or rain.


Take your gazebo out during the summer and create the perfect setting for your garden table or play area for children. Gazebos are a seasonal item for your garden. They are less weather-resistant than pergolas, however, their curtains and heavy canopy give a subtle impression of opulence and luxury. Leave the curtains open to allow a gentle breeze to pass through for natural ventilation or, when a cold wind blows, close the gazebo completely using the curtain zips. Host birthday parties and summer lunches under its water-repellent, polyester fabric. The fabric is not waterproof and as such the gazebo should be viewed as more of a shading area than a shelter from the rain.

Ultimately, the difference between a gazebo and a pergola is weather resistance. If you are looking for somewhere to sit under on any day of the year, a pergola is the way to go.


Parasols and pergolas are made for the outdoors. They require little maintenance and are made of weather-resistant materials. Explore our parasol accessories and consider investing in a protective cover for added protection.


Our UV-resistant parasols are easy to maintain. They are made from polyester which is known as a durable fabric. It doesn’t lose its shape, absorbs less moisture, and is a lightweight material. If your parasol suffers accidental damage of any kind, we have useful accessories such as replacement canopies, cranks, handles, and different types of base weights available on our website. During the winter, you can store your parasol in your garage or garden shed.


Anchored to the ground, a pergola is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Materials such as aluminium and galvanized steel prevent rust and corrosion. You can clean your pergola using water and normal detergent. Do not use a wire brush for cleaning as it can damage the appearance of your pergola. Luckily, pergolas do not need to be stained or varnished and are waterproof. During heavy snowfall, close the adjustable slats on your pergola. If your pergola is covered by a canopy, it is recommended that you remove the canopy during harsh weather conditions.


The best way to maintain your gazebo is by only using it during good weather conditions. The polyester fabric is water-repellent, but it is not waterproof. Exposing your gazebo to heavy rainfall could damage your canopy. You can fix your gazebo to the ground using the supplied pegs for its pre-drilled legs. This ensures that the frame of your gazebo remains anchored to the ground during strong winds.

Although there are some practical factors to consider when you are searching for the right parasol or pergola, the moments of joy you will experience make the hunt worthwhile. If you choose a patio awning, you will appreciate the ease of unfurling its canopy on a hot day. Lying on a polyrattan lounger will be heavenly thanks to the shade provided by a premium parasol. Having a specific sheltered place to sit under in your garden will encourage you to relax and enjoy the view more often. Dining in your garden will never be the same if it can take place under an elegant gazebo.

Explore our parasols and pergolas today and make the most of free UK delivery! sweeek offers a 2-year warranty on all our products.