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Garden sheds

If you are a keen gardener or are tired of tripping over the children’s toys strewn across your lawn, we have the perfect garden shed for you! Garden sheds provide a convenient place to house your tools such as rakes and spades, and nearly everything else you can think of. When you’re finished cutting your lawn, simply push your mower into the shed and take in the rewarding feeling of a job well done. Depending on the size of your garden our range of metal sheds are available in sizes big and small. Customise your shed by adding some sturdy shelves or spacious storage boxes. Our heavy-duty sheds are the hassle-free and affordable solution to your storage needs.

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7 products

7 products


To own a garden shed is to be given the gift of space. In a busy household having some extra space for storing outdoor toys, bicycles, toolboxes, and so much more, just makes sense. Create a surprise box of paddle boards, an inflatable swimming pool, parasols, and deck chairs patiently waiting for a summer of fun-filled activities. If you are meticulous about everything being in its proper place, get storage units and shelves, use dividers and boxes to categorise your tools and machinery. The sky is the limit! Your garden shed is whatever you want it to be so tap into your resourcefulness and make the most of it.



Durability is the fundamental difference between choosing metal sheds over wooden sheds. Your shed is going to be fighting against not only harsh weather conditions, but the various items you decide to store inside it. Rolling a lawn mower in with its wheels covered in a soggy coating of cut grass will leave your shed vulnerable to staining. Fortunately, metal is a weather-resistant material and the structure is reinforced with tough, galvanised screws and thick panels. Our metal sheds are designed to have a sloping roof which allows rainwater to run off easily and prevents any buildup of leaves. If you’re going to have something that needs to be used on a daily basis, it is worth having a shed made using metal materials because it is low maintenance and long-lasting.


A wooden shed might be a better choice if you are selecting your garden shed based on appearance. In comparison to metal sheds, wooden sheds look more homely and match their natural surroundings. It is easier to customise them, their shiplap design is appealing, and they often have windows installed which make them bright and uplifting. Instead of acting as functional structures hiding in the background, their aesthetic can be used to enhance your garden. The wooden material can be stained or painted to match your wooden table set and emphasise the sense of comfort you want to establish in your outdoor area. On a late summer evening with the charcoal barbecue fired up, your fire pit or other outdoor heating warming your legs, your wooden garden shed will not look out of place, instead its sandy panels will help soften the ambience.

Removing the aesthetics from your selection, a wooden shed requires ongoing maintenance. It is permeable and prone to rotting depending on how the wood has been treated. You will need to inspect it regularly for any signs of damage or deterioration.


A more difficult question to answer is, “Why don’t you need a garden cabinet?” These house-shaped treasures are great fixtures to have in your garden. They are practical and the unexpected layout of their shelving leaves room for creativity. Lean your garden tools inside the large storage area beside the shelves. The different levels of the shelves allow you to organise and categorise your things easily.

If you are not looking for something to store your tools or other practical items, your children will love this garden cabinet! Give them the responsibility of maintaining and customising it. They can store their own trowels and spades on its shelves, and their favourite toys in its surprise hatch. Paint over it in a colour such as duck egg blue so it retains a stylish edge whilst providing a more vibrant place for the kids to keep their things. Having their own personalised cabinet will encourage them to join you when you’re gardening and help weed the vegetable patch.


Firstly, you will need to plan for your garden shed by clearing a space for it in your garden. Ensure you can access the shed easily by cutting back any overhanging foliage. Secondly, if you have a strong foundation or base for your shed, it will make a huge difference and keep it secure to the ground. If you have chosen to have a metal shed, it is likely that you plan on using it for storing items used for laborious work or essential items used for sports and leisure activities. In order to get the most out of your metal shed, it is worth investing in hard-wearing shelves. A shelving unit would allow you to organise smaller items and have a systemised way of finding things quickly.

Bicycle racks are a useful accessory to have. Most families share in the same struggle of bicycles being toppled on top of each other, precariously leaning against the wall, or left in the middle of the garden waiting for a shower of rain to rust their bars. A simple bicycle rack will solve this problem and set a precedent of order in your garden shed.

You might want to think about the lighting used in your shed also. If you need something when it is pitch dark outside, life would be made easier by a simple hanging light. You could even consider getting an electric heating lamp for your garden shed to keep you warm if you plan on working on projects or other crafts there. An outdoor light on the front or side of your garden shed would not only help you find your way back to the house, but it would also make your garden more welcoming.

The landscaping for your garden may already be in place when you decide to purchase a garden shed, however, there are creative ways of decorating the pathway leading to your shed, the building itself, and its surroundings. A wooden garden shed is easier to personalise because the soft grain of the wood is a natural texture whereas metal evokes an angular coldness. You can easily stain the wood of your shed to make it darker and warmer, or you could go rogue and paint it in a bold colour like pink! A wooden shed mirrors the same homely feeling as your own home which makes it an inviting place where you can spend time relaxing in it and finding some peace. Put some furniture inside of it and make it cosy with plenty of throws and cushions. Instead of being a workshop, it can become a secret hideout for the kids or a quiet place for you to reflect.

Get ready to organise your garden or create a nest for your family to relax in and explore our range of garden sheds today! Make the most of free delivery within mainland UK, and have your new quality shed at an affordable price in no time!