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Outdoor toys

Let’s go! There are so many exciting and exhilarating outdoor toys and activities to keep you and your family active all year round. Depending on age brackets and the level of adventure you’re seeking, explore our extensive range of kids outdoor toys including trampolines, climbing frames, electric ride-on cars, and garden swings. Give your kids hours of fun and let them appreciate every single second of a sunny day. Watch their smiling faces as they jump high in the air on their new trampoline or help them build their growing confidence on a climbing frame. Sit back and relax on your garden furniture with peace of mind or hop up and join in on all the fun!

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Trampoline with curved poles Trampolines with curved or straight poles
Ride-on cars Toy cars for the little ones!
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There are two important elements involved in selecting outdoor toys for kids. Firstly, safety has to always be put first. With this in mind, when you are browsing our various products, review the safety features integrated into the products and the useful accessories available such as trampoline safety nets. Secondly, fun is at the heart of our toys. Think about your family and what would create hours of entertainment and enjoyment for them. Trampolines, for example, are not limited to children, they are a thrilling activity for both adults and kids alike, and they are known to be a great way of exercising.


Naturally, this depends on the space you have available in your garden. If you have a small garden, an 8ft trampoline is a suitable choice. It is affordable and leaves enough room for tumbles and creative games. Make sure you review the dimensions on our website and compare them to the size of your garden!

If you have a large garden, either a 14ft or 16ft trampoline would be the perfect outdoor activity to have. The width of these trampolines allows children to blow you away with all kinds of tricks and gives them the space they need to play freely. No more worrying about what activities to plan for birthday parties or sleepovers, a trampoline is always a hit!


Although a lot of people consider trampolines to be an eyesore in a garden, the modern design of our trampoline safety nets says otherwise. Our curved poles fitted with an inner safety net transform the standard model of a trampoline into a futuristic triumph. It gives the illusion of the trampoline being bigger than its actual size and its curved shape mirrors the security associated with a nest. Make it easier for young children to climb onto the trampoline with one of our ladders. They are practical and prevent injury caused by hopping down from the trampoline’s height.

"All good things must come to an end." When the winter approaches and temperatures drop, be prepared with a trampoline cover. It is a great solution for avoiding having to dust off and remove leaves from the surface of your trampoline. The thick cover covering the surrounding springs will also be protected from the sun’s rays.

Taking different measures such as investing in a trampoline cover will guarantee the longevity of your trampoline, however, in case of any accidental damage or general wear and tear, we have various replacement kits and items available. Once assembled properly, trampolines provide straightforward, instant fun. It is impossible to get bored of jumping high in the air without a care in the world.


sweeek has various garden swings and slides for kids. The configurations of our swing sets vary from including sets with two swings and a ladder to a set with two standard swings, a glider swing, and a slide. Explore our products and find the perfect swing set for your family. Our children’s outdoor toys are here to make playing in the garden an endless adventure. After challenging themselves on a climbing dome, they can run across to the swing set and take on a rope ladder.

If your kids want something different, reconfigure their jungle gym using a nest or disc swing. They are compatible with our swing sets making it easy for you to switch up the set and diversify the toys your kids play with. Our swing sets run parallel with the actively changing needs of children.

We know that kids might start out with a baby swing, then want the rush of sliding down a slide, and eventually crave the never-ending excitement and adrenaline felt when whooshing by on a zip line. Having one or two glider swings as part of the configuration of a swing set increases the number of places available on the set. Children are able to sit face to face and have a more interactive experience when playing. With a robust seesaw, trampoline, or swing set, your garden will become a recipe for fun and the number one place your kids will want to be. They can enjoy the fresh air and make the most of their imaginative years, playing with friends and family.


An electric ride-on car or motorcycle lets children engage in an activity they only see adults doing - driving! Let them feel what it’s like to be a grown-up while they cruise safely around the garden or other open spaces. If your child is a car enthusiast or loves the idea of being able to drive, the realistic design of our electric motor toys will transport them to the racing track or jammed motorway. A stylish Lexus or a mighty BMW electric car is a great Christmas or birthday gift for a toddler. Installations such as radios, headlights, seatbelts, and an ignition sound enhance the experience of driving an electric ride-on car.

Your child will adore the novelties of parking, pressing down on the accelerator pedal, and polishing the bonnet of their own car. Not only is it an exciting toy to have, but it also encourages maturity, independence, and confidence in your child. Whether your child is a daredevil who loves to speed and swerve or a cautious driver who plays by the rules, our electric toys come with a remote control allowing you to intervene if needed.

An electric motorcycle or scooter is a thrilling toy guaranteed to delight any young child. With a pretty pink or fiery red vespa they can imagine they are navigating down a windy, coastal road. They can feel the breeze while cruising on a detailed BMW designed to stand out in bright blue, white, and red colours, and picture themselves as an athlete competing in the Grand Prix. Safety is always in mind when it comes to our products and our electric motorcycles models slow down and stop with the release of the accelerator.

After hours of jumping on the trampoline, countless turns on the slide, running around the garden, throwing a ball, and dangling their legs on a trapeze, your child will sleep soundly having enjoyed their day to the fullest. Your children deserve the best and all of our products are made using strong, weather-resistant, quality materials offering you peace of mind and allowing them to play safely. Discover our exciting range of outdoor toys now and let the fun begin!