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Your garden sofa is the place where you sit when you want to unwind after a long day or spend lazy afternoons with your family. It needs to assert an ambience of tranquillity and rest. Our garden furniture is available in materials such as aluminium, teak, woven resin, and polyrattan. Choose from a diverse range of modern designs to discover the best sofa set or garden corner sofa for you. It could act as a contemporary companion to other outdoor pieces such as garden chairs and armchairs. Different shapes and modular capabilities mean you can position your sofa set in imaginative ways, make room for garden table sets and accessories such as fire pits, parasols, and barbecues.

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It can be difficult to decide which sofa set will meet all of your requirements without seeing the product in its physical form, however, we have some simple tips to help you make a more informed decision. You will need to consider a few factors relating to size, purpose of use, colour, and maintenance.


We are all busy in so many different aspects of our lives. Worrying about family, friends, work, the past, and the future consumes a lot of time. Anyone who has space in their backyard or on their balcony has the opportunity to elevate this place and transform it into a unique retreat from daily stresses and share it with others. An outdoor sofa set is specifically designed to uplift and entertain.

There are a variety of shades, styles, and sizes to choose from. Rattan garden furniture is synonymous with warmth and sets a hushed tone to a patio or deck. For a minimalist look, a mixture of wood and rope, or a bamboo effect modernises an outdoor space with an aura of simplicity and mindfulness. The garden sofa sets are round, L-shaped, have corner seats, and/or are modular. With plumped up, decorative cushions, throws draping over armrests, and drinks prepared on the coffee table, sitting on your garden sofa set will become a daily ritual.



Think about the grooves, corners, and edges of your outdoor living area whether this is a patio, terrace, or otherwise. Some of our sofa sets are rounded for both appearance and to fit into a curve. We have the popular L-shaped form which matches the angular shape of some conservatories or decking. Incorporated corner seats and modularity means that you can distribute your seating arrangement in different ways. Dissemble it and adjust the distribution to make room for your garden table and chairs, parasols, or other terrace furniture.


If the sofa set will be unprotected from harsh weather conditions, an aluminium sofa set or rattan garden furniture would be a sensible choice. Aluminium is a durable material and is water and rust resistant. A polyrattan sofa set structured using the sturdiness of aluminium ensures robustness, fade and weather resistance.

There are more ways of caring for your sofa set or other protective measures available if aluminium and polyrattan would not be your first choice of material. Appropriate garden storage and covers will solve any qualms you may have. Our storage boxes are a practical solution to storing cushions and our sofa set covers will fend off heavy rain.


For smaller terraces or balconies our metal garden set is a lightweight, efficient, and affordable option. This value for money set is complete with UV-resistant textilene and is an understated, modern design. Our 4-seater sofa set made of a mix of materials such as woven rattan and wood is chic and does not require a large space. If you want your terrace or balcony to exude leisure and respite, foldable sun loungers would be a practical addition.

We have an extensive collection for spacious outdoor living areas. Ranging from 1-14 seats, you will be able to select the right size for your garden. Having the freedom to change the distribution of your sofa set and use your creativity is the purpose of our modular garden sofas. They can rest in an orderly position, and later be redistributed to reset the flow of your outdoor experience.Mix and match with your sofa set, garden table, and whatever else you have in your garden. Our more substantial polyrattan sofa sets are premium pieces to have sitting under gazebos or pergolas.


There is an inexplicable homeliness to wooden furniture. Choosing this material for the frame of your sofa set is the right choice if you want to conflate the homely warmth of indoor living with the unpredictability of nature. Our wooden collection is compact and unobtrusive making these garden sofa sets the perfect addition to most terraces or patios.

sweeek's wooden sofa sets are elegantly designed with smooth curves and slanting seats. Our luxuriantly thick cushions invite you to rest there in the same way you would indoors. Compared to other materials you have to treat wooden designs with more caution regarding maintenance. Wood is vulnerable to the changing effects of sunlight and moisture. The vulnerability varies depending on the type of wood. Teak, for example, is more resistant to outdoor conditions. Although our wooden sofa sets are coated with a protective, tinted oil it is suggested that you either store them or cover them in harsh conditions.


We know that garden sofa sets are an essential part of a garden, terrace, or patio. With this in mind our sofa sets are designed to last and defend themselves against unpredictable weather conditions.

Maintaining cushion covers is made simple by the fact they are removable, hand-washable, and weather resistant. Polyrattan is a great alternative to natural rattan as it does not require a protective oil and its longevity exceeds that of the natural material. Other materials such as aluminium demand less care than others. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant and forms its own protective coating. Many of our sofa sets are set in a strong, aluminium structure rendering them tough pieces for your garden.

You can be resourceful during the winter months and use your garden sofa set indoors! If your home does not suit this storage option, covers for your furniture are always a good investment.


Our garden sofa sets are incredibly versatile and can be used indoors for an eclectic style. Make the most of a modular sofa set and upgrade the comfort of your living room with a polyrattan corner seat or centralise a rattan coffee table. The tempered glass contrasted against the woven rattan effect is destined to effortlessly connect your functional space to nature. A wooden sofa set, for example, naturally absorbs into its surroundings whilst presenting the opportunity to brighten and enliven a space if you want to add a splash of colour using its cushions. A rusty red or electric blue, the choice is yours and how you make it unique to your needs and style.

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