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BBQs & plancha grills

Lighting up your barbecue is one of the highlights of the summer holidays. Grilling premium meat cuts and charring juicy vegetables to create a feast for your family and friends is made easier by our wide range of high-quality barbecues. Are you a traditional barbecuer? If so, discover our selection of charcoal barbecues. Choose from a stylish, ovoid-shaped kettle barbecue and more advanced, charcoal smoker barbecue. We have combined the timeless barbecuing method with the facility of electricity to provide you with our electric charcoal rotisserie. Get inventive with the way you cook outdoors and try using a plancha or griddle on your gas barbecue. At sweeek we have everything you need to make your celebrations and family moments unforgettable.

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Your grill's greatest allies! Our selection of accessories for barbecues/planchas
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Choosing the right barbecue for you is an important decision to make. The barbecue you select will be an essential piece of equipment in your garden for years to come. Our gas and charcoal barbecues are made using high-quality materials and are designed to last. They are durable, low maintenance, grilling machines available in different models, colours, and have various capabilities.

An experienced griller will appreciate the power and adaptability of our 6-burner gas BBQ with a built-in thermometer. We know that hosting a barbecue can be a stressful affair between coordinating cooking times, marinating, and basting. Our barbecues are designed to provide you with storage options for your condiments and accessories, and some of our models have practical worktops to make life easier for you.


The term “barbecue” is somewhat of an ambiguity. People have subscribed to different theories of where the word ‘barbecue’ comes from. It remains undecided whether the word came from the French, Spanish, or English language. Regardless of where the word originates, it is agreed that the first method of barbecuing involved some form of spit and a flame.

Today a barbecue denotes an array of contraptions and cooking methods. This continues to blur the straightforward definition of a barbecue, but it also means that as consumers we have more options to choose from. You are not limited to a simple charcoal barbecue, now you can discover the ease of having a gas barbecue or appreciate the concentrated heat of planchas and griddles. Barbecues are long-lasting, quality products or are single-use, disposable trays allowing you to make the most of a day at the beach. We may not know where the word came from or be unable to decide on the correct spelling (barbecue or BBQ?), but it is easy to agree on the fact that barbecuing is a timeless custom that brings people together and everyone enjoys.



Having a gas BBQ is a cleaner and low maintenance option. Gas barbecues are easy to start, and you are provided with instant heat. Aside from their practicality and useful gadgets, they are a modern statement on your terrace or patio. Our gas barbecues are available in several colours. The gleaming, silver edges and surfaces of our Richelieu model are enlivened by deep red producing an eye-catching contrast.

A gas BBQ allows you to control temperatures and monitor them using a built-in thermometer. You can keep your cooked food warm over one of the side burners while you flip the rest of your burgers. Move around your barbecue with ease and swiftly grab ingredients and seasoning from the storage cupboard.


Charcoal BBQs are reminiscent of the age-old tradition of cooking your food over an open flame and allowing the smoke to flavour food. The natural smoky taste a charcoal barbecue creates transports you to some intangible grasp on rusticity. Physically working the coals, lighting the barbecue, and patiently waiting for it to heat up is rewarding and can even make you appreciate your meal more. A charcoal grill is the focal point when dining al fresco. Friends gather around the designated griller for a lively chat and enjoy the relaxed pace of barbecuing.


If you want to try a new method of cooking, a plancha or griddle is an exciting accessory to have for your gas barbecue. Using a plancha or griddle means that you do not have to use cooking oils because the nonstick surface locks in the natural flavours of your food and creates an explosion of taste in your mouth. Cooking something “a la plancha” is a traditional Spanish cooking method. The heat of the burner is concentrated on the centre of the plancha and decreases as you move towards the edges. You can continue to sear your steak or seafood over a maintained temperature and keep other ingredients warm on the edges of the plancha.

A griddle is similar to a plancha but its heat is distributed evenly instead of concentrated. It provides you with the same health benefits and its flat surface cooks your meat evenly, and you do not have to worry about food falling through a grill. Planchas and griddles are designed to cook your food faster and allow you to sear and caramelise it to perfection.


The level of maintenance your barbecue requires depends on whether it is gas or charcoal. Gas BBQs are low maintenance and only require standard, regular cleaning. Our gas BBQs are fitted with wheels making it easy for you to roll it into your shed or garage when it's not in use. Charcoal barbecues need to be cleaned properly. If you want to keep your charcoal barbecue looking brand new, it is recommended that you clean the grill and body of the barbecue after use. All of our barbecues are made using durable materials which makes them more resistant to damage or general wear and tear.

Our collection of barbecue accessories are also here to help. Consider investing in an affordable, high-quality barbecue cover for your gas barbecue. sweeek protective covers are water-resistant and prevent dust from gathering. Velcro straps make it easy for you to fasten the cover securely in the event of rain or strong winds. All of our covers are designed specifically to fit our gas barbecue models. The black colour of the protective covers is unimposing and the thick material maintains an appearance of quality.

Over time you may need to replace the burners in your gas barbecue. Our burner and diffuser kits are available as replacements. They are easy to install and are compatible with our products.

There is nothing worse than standing out in the pouring rain and trying to get your barbecue to light. A chimney starter is a practical accessory to have to hand. It is simple to use and only requires some paper or firelighters. Our chimney starters are fitted with a heat-resistant handle and shield to ensure your safety and make it easier to empty the hot coals onto the charcoal grate.

Overall, barbecuing can be a leisurely activity that can be carried out during the summer and colder months if you have the right equipment and accessories. Our products are timesaving, practical solutions and are here to enhance the way you experience your garden, patio or terrace. Look forward to using your barbecue and cooking for the people you love.