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Opening up your parasol on a sunny day, unfolding your deck chairs, and relaxing in your garden are some of the small joys in life. Whether it is a sizeable cantilever or a simple centre pole, a garden parasol is always a good idea. sweeek has taken the standard functionality of parasols and mixed in some fun features. Don’t settle for a boring parasol. Instead, discover our amazing cantilever parasol with integrated LED lights! The lights are solar powered, and the cover supplied with the parasol has a transparent window to let the sunlight charge the batteries. As part of our collection of parasol accessories, we also have a detachable LED lamp that fits cantilever and centre pole parasols!

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16 products


Parasols are a convenient form of shade for your garden terrace or patio. Choosing the right one for you depends on the amount of space you can fill and your style. Our cantilever and centre pole parasols are available in various colours and models. An eye-catching, duck blue cantilever parasol hanging over a premium polyrattan garden sofa set could look sublime. If you have a small patio, our half parasols are designed with smaller spaces in mind. A grey half parasol set between two deck chairs would provide an ideal place for sitting and relaxing on a warm day.


Cantilever and centre pole parasols are equally capable of effectively protecting you from the sun’s UV rays, but you may prefer the modern features of a cantilever parasol or the traditional, dependability of a central mast.


Cantilever parasols have their mast on the side. This allows for more space and removes an obstacle from the seating area. You can rotate your cantilever parasol 360 degrees and tilt its canopy to adjust the amount of sun exposure you want to receive. Compared to a standard centre pole parasol, a cantilever parasol covers a larger shaded area. If you have guests over for a barbecue, you can ensure all of them are shaded from the sun when dining al fresco. Cover your garden table or create a large, shaded play area for children without the limitations of a central mast.

There are several designs of cantilever parasols available to choose between. LED lighting that will give a nice glow on your terrace or patio on a summer’s evening. Choose between square-shaped and ribbed, round parasols to find the perfect parasol for your garden. All of our cantilever parasols have an easy-to-use, self-locking crank and tilt handle. You can rely on your parasol for durability and longevity thanks to the aluminium frame.


Centre pole parasols are classics. They offer less manoeuvrability than a cantilever parasol, but they are available in sizes well-suited for shading smaller areas. The main advantage of a centre pole parasol is the stability it offers. Its mast is in the middle of the canopy and its centre of gravity lies here. This makes it more resistant to strong winds and reduces the risk of your parasol being blown over.

Our centre pole parasols are available in a wide range of colours. Choose from pastel yellow, bright purple, happy red, turquoise and so many other colours! A centre pole parasol is uplifting and will vivify the tone of your outdoor space. Manually unfold your parasol using a convenient handle and adjust its tiltable canopy to give the desired amount of shade. If you want a product that can shade your terrace without taking up any ground space, a patio awning is a functional and stylish solution.


There are plenty of parasol accessories that can be used to maintain your parasol. Maintaining your parasol is also made easier by the fact that they are designed to withstand exposure to poor weather conditions. Our canopies are water resistant, and our frames are made from weather resistant aluminium. It is advisable to invest in a protective cover for your parasol for added protection when it is not in use for long periods of time. Our parasol covers are UV resistant and weather resistant. If you have a cantilever parasol with integrated LED lights, a cover is provided with your purchase. The protective cover cleverly has a transparent window at the top to allow sunlight to get in and charge the solar powered batteries.

During the winter months, you should store your parasol and base weight in a garage, shed, or in a storage box if you have one. When the summer arrives, dusting off your parasol is simple. You can clean the frame and base weight of your parasol using a wet cloth and some washing up liquid. Filling your base weight with sand instead of water will offer more stability because sand is heavier than water.


If you are looking for something more elaborate for shading a section of your outdoor space, a pergola or gazebo is the perfect choice. The most significant difference between a pergola and a gazebo is their weather resistance. A bioclimatic pergola with galvanized steel slats can remain installed in your garden year-round whereas the canopy covering a gazebo is not waterproof.


Under a modern pergola is a great place to put your garden furniture. You can lie back on your comfortable garden sofa in the shade or adjust the roof’s slats to let some sunlight through. A pergola can become an extension of your home, or you can install it elsewhere in your garden. Position your hot tub under its sleek frame or set up a chic, sheltered outdoor dining area. British weather can be unpredictable, and a cold wind or rain could ruin a special occasion. Fortunately, you can upgrade your pergola using a privacy screen so you can enjoy sitting outside in all weathers! Our privacy screens are easy to use and can be adjusted manually.

Pergolas are freestanding and visually appealing. For more shade, grow climbing vines around the legs of your pergola, or hang planters to create an oasis in your garden.


Gazebos never disappoint when it comes to aesthetics. Having a gazebo in your garden sets a standard of luxury. The thick canopy and draping curtains combine to construct an idyllic setting for dining outdoors or lying on a cushioned sun lounger. For celebrations you can decorate its frame with balloons and other festive details. Your party will not be affected by a cold breeze, you can close the curtains completely using zips and transform your gazebo into a warm cocoon. Dining under a gazebo also allows you to keep the food you are serving fresher for longer as it will be protected from the sun.

There is nothing better than having a fully equipped garden where you can read your book or magazine on a trendy garden armchair, watch your children play with smiles on their faces, or share memorable moments with your friends. Whether you are looking for a parasol, patio awning, gazebo, or pergola, sweeek has everything you need in one place. All of our products come with a 2-year warranty and are available at the best price without compromising on quality.