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Garden tables

Are you revamping your outdoor space or starting from scratch? At sweeek we offer a wide range for you to select your new garden table and chairs from. Our collection includes polyrattan, wooden, and aluminium table and garden sofa sets. Sit back and sink into a cushioned chair or embrace the quality of a breathable fabric. We understand the value of outdoor living and getting the most out of the space you have. sweeek has a garden table set for every scenario. Create a stylish space to entertain guests in the summer and share memorable moments. Our garden chairs and armchairs could also be a welcome accessory to provide a relaxed extension to an outdoor dining area.

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Add vibrancy and functionality to a small garden or patio with a rustic bistro set, utilise the benefits of a larger terrace with our expandable tables, and appreciate the practicality of our contemporary design solutions. You can personalise your garden table set by choosing from our different colour options such as classic beige, red, or an understated grey.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right garden table set for you. This includes questions of maintenance, the durability of your chosen material, and any limitations or possibilities your outdoor living space permits. sweeek has various solutions and practical tips to fulfil your outdoor furniture needs. Our collection of tables and chairs allows you to be creative and select the number of seats, type of table, accessories, and storage you require. Lounging, taking in your garden view, serving delicious food to your family and friends, and chatting under the stars is made possible by the perfect table set.


Maintaining your garden table and chairs naturally depends on the type of material used and the weather conditions they are exposed to.


Polyrattan, for example, defends a stronger reputation for longevity in comparison to the upkeep required to maintain wooden furniture. Polyrattan is weatherproof, durable, and cost effective. It is a solid material, insusceptible to unwelcome visitors such as rust, and is UV-resistant. Little maintenance is needed aside from dusting it off in preparation for fun-filled summer days.


A wooden garden table and chairs is hard to beat in terms of its authentic charm. The natural tones of a eucalyptus garden dining table naturally blend into the outdoor environment. Although our wood is treated with a protective oil, it requires more love and attention. If the furniture is exposed to a lot of rain, it may develop a rougher surface which can be remedied by smoothening it down with sandpaper. Protect the wood by removing any wet leaves and avoid the residue of stains by wiping it with a warm, soapy cloth. Part of the beauty of a living wood is that its aesthetic changes over time. Without the reapplication of a protective oil, it might fade into an aged look giving your garden table and chairs set a rustic quality.


Aluminium is a practical material because it is lightweight and extremely durable. Its affordability combined with a lasting resistance to the elements makes it a wise choice for furnishing any garden or terrace.

To maintain your garden furniture on especially wintry days or simply when it is not in use, you could consider the protective options provided by garden storage and covers.


Steel is one of the strongest materials and is easy to maintain. It is also a sustainable choice because the processes involved in production, transportation, and recycling are more ecologically friendly.


Choosing the perfect table and chairs will need you to review of the amount of space available and the kind of function you imagine it to serve. A rattan table and chairs implies a comfortable and inviting setup used in the sunshine while celebrating with friends and family. Polyrattan furniture tends to be larger in size due to its impressive weaving and robust structure. With the right cushions and its sturdy frame, it is an ideal choice for hosting relaxed barbecues or simply sitting outside for your morning coffee.

For a small garden or balcony an elegant bistro set would fit in seamlessly. It is a compact set with foldable chairs making it an attractive option to utilise the space you have. Available in multiple eye-catching colours, the bistro set would be a bold statement and retro addition to your outdoor living area. You can be playful and contrast colours by adding a cushion or simply enjoy the comfort provided by the chairs' curved slats.

Being able to extend the number of seats at your garden dining table will prove to be extremely beneficial if you want to maximise the use of your terrace or garden. If so, it might be worth considering one of our extendable table sets. Our aluminium tables were designed with you in mind. The integrated extension mechanism allows you to turn an 8-seater table into a 10-seater in a matter of seconds. You can enjoy the company of your guests under adjustable parasols without the worry of being cramped together.


Garden furniture is not strictly confined to the garden. Our rattan stools can be temporarily repurposed as the substitute pouffes in your living room when extra seating is not needed on your terrace. The foldable bistro set can be an affordable asset to a small apartment whilst bringing a French, stylish edge to your kitchen. Why not place your garden table and chairs in the distinguished cocoon created by gazebos? There is no reason why your polyrattan table cannot function as an indoor dining table. The peace of mind offered by its tempered glass surface, its harmonious woven blend, and sturdiness suggest a fitting piece to add to the flow of your dining area.


Our garden tables and chairs are cleverly designed to streamline your storage options and optimise your outdoor area at an affordable price. What look like sizeable chairs and weighty tables are actually purposeful frames and intentionally hollow in parts so that your chairs can effortlessly be stored under the table, and your footstools can also be stored beneath the chair. These modern cube sets are a no-brainer. They have built-in handles allowing you to move them with ease.

For smaller terraces, patios, or balconies, foldable and stackable chairs are a smart option. Our stackable and foldable chairs are lightweight and easy to move. This will allow you to shift between layouts and the number of places at the table. It also means being able to store your garden table and chairs set in a garden shed or garage without the burden of heavy lifting. Our practical design features are there to allow more time for you to spend with the people you love in the personalised oasis of your garden.

Transform the way you view your garden. Your home should have a place where you can disconnect whether this be in the round embrace of a curved garden armchair, at the head of a 12-seater, rattan table, or snuggled up with a warm blanket in the corner seat of an L-shaped sofa set.