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Garden Furniture

Having space in your garden for rattan garden furniture or a garden table and chairs is an opportunity to create an idyllic place for you and your family to relax and enjoy special moments together. Make the most of your outdoor living area, choose a garden sofa set to instantly enhance the experience of being outside, or pair two modern, bamboo effect garden chairs for a peaceful setting to read the latest page-turner or catch up with friends. The design options are limitless with our varied range of garden furniture made using quality materials whilst ensuring value for money. A garden table can also be the centerpiece of a terrace. sweeek has different models of garden table sets that are designed to suit your needs.

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 Dine al fresco! with the right furniture, of course
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A natural touch wooden garden sofa Wooden sofas - inspired by nature

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Creating a place to escape the hustle and bustle and selecting specific garden furniture is a challenge if you do not know what you are looking for or are unsure of the materials it should be made of. At sweeek we want to eliminate any uncertainty and allow you to personalise your outdoor living space in an easy and enjoyable way.

If you are searching for a comfortable, garden sofa, any of our polyrattan, modular sofa sets are a homey addition to a garden or patio. They evoke the natural charm of nature and set a tranquil tone to an outdoor space. For a larger garden, our extendable tables are practical pieces designed for family time and celebrations. Accessorise with parasols or pergolas, and discover our collection of loungers. The various materials we use, model sizes and colours, combined with a stylish edge, make finding the right garden furniture simple.


Sun loungers, garden chairs and armchairs are exposed to the weather on a daily basis. It is essential to select your garden furniture based on weather conditions and the susceptibility of different materials to the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. Our products are designed to last and are extremely durable, however, as is to be expected, some materials are more resistant than others.

Aluminium and polyrattan are used with longevity in mind. They are UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials. Many of our products such as our sofa sets are made using these materials. Polyrattan outdoor sofas are set in a strong, aluminium frame guaranteeing a reinforced piece of garden furniture.

Metals and polyrattan are easy to maintain. Opting for a wooden material for your sun loungers or foldable garden chairs is a great choice because it is a natural material which brings a certain softness to a garden or balcony. Our garden furniture is also made using materials such as string, and woven rattan is used to create a bamboo effect. String chairs are made with PVC making it durable and removing the demands of regular maintenance.


It is worth thinking about the number of people you will want to be able to seat. Distribution is also a factor to consider as it is always freeing to have the ability, and space, to reposition your garden furniture if you want to change the flow or aspect of your al fresco setup.

A modular sofa set is the ideal combination of style and functionality. Being able to move your corner seats or connect seats in new ways is a design feature worth having if you have a lot of space to fill. You can change your mind and change it back again.

Our extendable tables means that your outdoor dining tables can double as a fixed, compact set used for display or when it is only being used by you and your family, and instantly extend it into a longer table for guests. The mechanism is easy to use and is a practical feature to have in your garden furniture.

If you are furnishing a small terrace or balcony, we have numerous design solutions for you. Our foldable tables and chairs streamline the way you use your outdoor furniture. Stackable products save a lot of space. They are made using lightweight materials so they can be moved easily. Your balcony or terrace may be in a location that receives a lot of sunlight. If this is the case, a rattan sun lounger, or recliner chairs made using textilene, are UV-resistant.


Maintenance is an unpopular aspect of having outdoor furniture, however, we have strived to provide you with products that require a minimal amount of maintenance. Protective covers and accessories are also available to make life easier for you.

If you are planning on leaving your garden furniture unsheltered throughout the year, you might be glad to have a garden cover if there are poor weather conditions in your area. Our water-repellent covers are anti-UV treated and will protect your table set or sofa set from the negative impacts of rainwater, dust, and sunlight. Their dark grey colour means that you will be looking out at a muted colour which will easily blend into the stark and natural colours of the outdoors.

You may also be concerned about the longevity of your cushions, at sweeek we have thought of everything. For garden cushion storage, our polyrattan storage box is a simple and elegant solution. Its understated design will not outshine the impressive statement your garden sofa set makes. Instead, it will be a useful item in your garden unlikely to be noticed whilst making a big difference in the way you maintain your garden furniture over time.


If you have a small balcony or terrace and want a comfortable place to sit for a few hours without the dreaded time spent carrying cushions inside, our foldable and stackable chairs are a good choice. The seats are made with textilene. This material follows the shape of your body and provides optimal comfort. A more eye-catching furniture piece to add to your balcony or terrace would be our string chairs. The string material catches your weight and supports your back. Its ovoid shape naturally establishes a sensation of sitting in a cocoon and almost cradles you as you sit back and relax.

Our cushions are deep and supportive and definitely increase the level of luxury experienced when lounging on your garden sofa set or sun lounger. The strength and robustness of the material framing the structure also promises a placid, serene slumber. You can add some of our piped edge cushions for added comfort and decoration.

If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find time to relax. Garden furniture provides you with the perfect place to take a break and unwind in your own private space. Whether you want to take a nap, read a book or just enjoy the view, having a comfortable sofa set or inviting armchair provides a great spot to do it. Your collection of garden furniture may be extensive or a solitary sun lounger, but whatever design choices you make, you can be sure sweeek will provide you with affordable solutions made using quality materials and practical design features.