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Animal shelters

Pets are adored members of the family and deserve a comfortable home where they feel safe. A dog house is the perfect place for your dog to rest and seek shelter in bad weather. Our wooden dog houses provide a traditional home for your pet and are made to last. Explore our classic range of dog kennels and houses now! If you are considering introducing poultry to your home or are looking for a new coop for your prized chickens, discover our deluxe poultry coops! sweeek has a number of high-quality, wooden chicken coops for you to choose from. Essential features such as nest boxes, ventilation hatches, and removable dropping trays make raising your poultry easier.

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At sweeek we understand the importance of a family pet and know that our customers want the best products for their dogs. Our kennels combine the right balance of comfort and durability for sheltering your pet in a cosy environment. Chickens are a fun way of bringing the family together. Your little ones will love the responsibility of collecting eggs in the morning and caring for their feathered friends.

There are so many rules and guides surrounding purchasing appropriate animal shelters for pets and poultry. It is important to select a pet shelter that provides enough space for them to move and stand freely whilst giving them a warm, comfortable place to be in. Our dog houses are available in various sizes and our coops can accommodate between 3 to 8 chickens.


Outdoor pet houses are exposed to the elements and need to be weather-resistant. They are available in various materials on the market, and it is worth considering the weather conditions of your area before selecting your new dog house.


Plastic dog houses have a number of advantages. Plastic is a lightweight material making it easier for you to transport your puppy by car or plane. Plastic dog crates with a metal grate are generally approved for air travel. The metal crate provides your pet with ventilation and allows them to see outside of the crate. Ventilation is also provided by ventilation holes.

Hard plastics are waterproof and can withstand scratching and chewing. Their durability in terms of exposure to weather makes them a desirable choice of material. Plastic houses are easy to clean and are resistant to odours. Although it is a strong material, plastic has its disadvantages. It is a less attractive material compared to wood and can make your pet feel isolated. Plastic dog houses generally have less openings and insulation. It does not share the same natural insulating properties as wood.


Wooden dog houses are extremely popular due to their rustic appearance. They blend in easily with your outdoor environment and have an inviting appeal. During the colder months, wood provides an insulated place for your dog to curl up and sleep. Treated wood is weather-resistant and is known for its strength. Wooden dog houses are physically more hard-wearing than plastic. If you want to customise your pet’s home, you can do so by painting it and adding a wooden panel with their name painted on it.

sweeek has the perfect wooden dog house for you. Our dog kennels are made from quality wood and are well-insulated. Their sloped roofs are bitumen felt which offers further insulation and protection against the rain. Raised on four plastic legs, our dog houses provide increased stability and comfort for your pet as the surface of their house is not in contact with the cold, damp ground.


Sizing your dog house can be difficult and considering a number of factors will avoid wasting your time. When looking for your future dog house, think about the size of the doorway, height of the house itself, and the amount of space your pooch will have to move or turn around.

The objective is not to find a big dog house that is guaranteed to allow your dog to jump around. Your dog’s kennel needs to be a private place for them to relax and escape the weather. Lots of space will only overwhelm them and make them feel anxious. It is essential to find a size that allows them to stand up easily, be able to turn around, and enter or exit the house without having to lower any part of their body except for their head.

The behavioural tendencies of your pet can also influence your choice. If you have an energetic, excitable dog, a higher doorway might be a good idea. This may also affect your decision in terms of choosing the right material. Opting for a scratch-resistant material will ensure the longevity of your dog house.



Preparing the ground for the arrival of your new chicken coop is an important step. Make sure that you position your chicken coop on flat ground to ensure its frame is stable. Give your poultry a natural environment by putting the coop on a grassy area or lay down some untreated mulch or compost material to provide them with a natural surface. Make your chickens feel at home by spreading wood shavings inside the hen house and nest boxes. Wood shavings are a relatively affordable form of bedding, absorb moisture, and keep your wood chicken poultry coop fresher for longer.


sweeek has a unique range of chicken coops. They are available in different colours and sizes. A chicken coop in a redwood or anthracite shade will brighten up your garden and give your poultry an elegant home for laying eggs and digging soil. Our Campine, wooden chicken coop accommodates up to 4 chickens and comes with an integrated planter. You can grow various flowers and plants on the roof of your chicken coop and enhance its appearance.

Poles for roosting inside and outside are some of the many features included in our products that are guaranteed to give your hens a good quality of life. Not only are our wooden chicken coops ideal for your poultry, but they are also functional models that make life easier for you. Opening and closing the nesting box compartment is simple by using the latch to lift the roof. A removable droppings tray allows you to dispose of soiled wood chippings easily and keep your coop clean. Windows and various entryways mean you can see inside of your coop and refill feeders and drinkers with ease. Models, such as our Contentine coop, are the ultimate chicken coop for a larger flock. It can accommodate up to 8 chickens and has a high aviary area giving you easier access.

Raising your own chickens or caring for a pet is an enjoyable experience. There is nothing like a boiled egg in the morning knowing that it came from an organically raised hen. You can sleep easy knowing that your treasured family dog is tucked up in their own house. Some experts suggest putting a blanket that smells like you in the dog house to make your pet feel secure.

Explore our dog houses and chicken coops now and make the most of free UK delivery. sweeek offers a 2-year warranty on all products!