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Garden Decor

There are so many routes to take when it comes to decorating your garden. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a patterned outdoor rug. Modernise and enliven your patio by adding some multicoloured LED lamps to your garden decor. Sitting outside or playing with your kids on the lawn can be enhanced by a few simple garden decorations. Are you tired of lugging the mower out of your shed and spending hours trying to get the perfect lawn? Choose artificial grass instead. It is easy to put down and there is no maintenance involved. At sweeek we have a wide selection of products to give you great garden decor ideas!

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The deco touch that makes all the difference


Having a comfortable garden sofa or stylish, outdoor dining table will make your outdoor space a place you want to spend time in, however, details matter. Putting decorative cushions on your sofa, putting your polyrattan coffee table on top of a trendy outdoor rug, or making your home magical with a Christmas tree in December will make your patio or terrace look homely.

We have everything you need right here! Choose from modern, chic outdoor lamps and exotic, woven rugs to transform your outdoor space into a place where the whole family will want to relax. When it comes to decorating your garden, there are no real restrictions because you are simply building on what you have already created. You have the freedom to let your imagination run free and add thoughtful details to the comfortable foundation you have made.


Our outdoor lights are available in various shapes and illuminate in different colours. Their base colour is white so when your lamp is turned off, it will blend in effortlessly with the rest of your garden decor. Cube, round, and vase LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular. Enjoy the functionality of our lamps thanks to wireless portability and a rechargeable battery. You can set the mood using the remote control provided. There are 16 colours to choose from and a dimmer feature with 3 light levels. Put your LED lamp on the ground beside your garden armchair and let a warm glow brighten up your terrace at night. You can use a suspension cord and have it hanging for more visibility.

Enjoy 8 to 12 hours of wireless power. Our lamps are weather-resistant and designed to last. When the weather is colder and you don’t feel like sitting outside, you can use your outdoor lights indoors! A round LED lamp would act as the perfect night light in your children’s bedroom. They will love being able to change the colours and go to sleep with the comfort of a soothing glow. We have standard lights that will set the right tone for dinner parties and casual evenings at home but our multicoloured lamps can be used for every celebration! Bring them out for Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, and anniversaries. They are an affordable, long-term investment which give you the power to set the mood in your home to reflect the day that’s in it!


An outdoor rug is the perfect decorative item to put on your terrace or patio. Make the most of its versatility and use it both indoors and outdoors. Our rugs are quirky and bring flair to any space. You will be able to kick off your shoes and feel the warm, woven material of one of our quality rugs on the soles of your feet. sweeek has rugs available with different dimensions so they can be adapted to the size of your outdoor area or home.

Pair one of our retro, geometric rugs with a set of designer chairs or a hanging egg chair. Use the contrast in colours and textures to create eclectic combinations. Our loud patterns can either transport you to the ancient, terracotta soils of Italy or to the understated practicality of Scandinavia. Our outdoor rugs are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Their lightweight material makes it easy for you to roll them up and store them away until the summer returns.


Artificial grass will not give you that natural, earthy smell but it can look a lot like the real thing. You can have that perfectly even lawn you have dreamed of and save money! Artificial grass is a cost-effective option because you won’t have to worry about your water bill every time you turn on the sprinklers. Maintaining a natural lawn is expensive and requires a great amount of effort. You won’t need to invest in a mower and refilling petrol cans. Using artificial grass means reducing the risk of damaging your back or knees from bending down to pick out stones or empty the grass catcher.

It is child-friendly and pet-friendly. Accidental falls are cushioned and any staining from your dog can be washed away easily with the garden hose. Muddy footprints dotted across your precious floors will be a horror of the past thanks to a mud-free garden. You are not limited to using artificial grass for a lawn area. Use it to enhance the exterior of your home in different areas.

There are some disadvantages to having artificial grass, however, the pros tend to outweigh the cons. Some gardeners frown upon using artificial grass because they prefer the natural appearance of grass and believe that there is a sense of pride that comes with growing and maintaining your own lawn. Artificial grass removes a natural habitat for many insects, but this can be rectified by installing planters with flowers in your garden. Aside from the initial costs and the process of installing your lawn, you will not have that sweet smell of fresh grass.


Our artificial Christmas trees will make decorating your home for the holiday season much easier. You won’t have to think about constantly hoovering up pine needles. Disposing of your Christmas tree every year is unsustainable and choosing to reuse an artificial tree is an eco-friendly decision. Not only is it an environmentally friendly option, but you are guaranteed to be looking at a pristine, green tree throughout the Christmas season. Depending on the size of your living room, we have 5ft and 6ft trees available. There is no better sight than a perfectly decorated tree with fairy lights wrapped around it. Discover our ageless trees now and be prepared for some Christmas magic!

When you have finished adding the final touches to your outdoor space, all that will be left will be sitting back and enjoying the masterpiece you have designed. You will appreciate the softness of your favourite outdoor rug, have fun selecting the right colour on your LED lamp, and bask in the glory of having created a functional, stylish space for you, your friends and family to make wonderful memories. Garden decor is the final step in the process of furnishing your terrace or patio, but it is an essential part of making it unique to you.

Discover our wide range of decorative items now and make the most of free UK delivery. Our Customer Service Team is available to assist you with any query you may have.