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Outdoor heating

When the weather shifts and turns to grey, cold days, we start to spend less time outdoors. Well, have you ever heard the phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”? If you love nothing more than the peace and relaxation you feel when you're sitting in your garden or terrace, sweeek has the perfect ‘clothing’ for you. Discover our range of outdoor heating solutions including electric patio heaters and fire pits. Not only affordable and incredibly practical, but an outdoor heater also brings your patio or terrace to life in the winter and helps you continue to share magical moments with your family and friends. Feel the heat outdoors and refuse to give in to the elements!

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Outdoor heating is a great way to expand your outdoor area and continue to enjoy it even when the temperatures drop. There are a variety of different ways to heat up your patio or terrace, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Patio heaters and fire pits are efficient, common outdoor heating methods.


Electric heaters are a cleaner heating method compared to fire pits or braziers. Their sizes are suited to nearly every outdoor area because they can be suspended, are freestanding, or able to be mounted to a wall. The main difficulty you might encounter is the fact that they require an outlet in order to be plugged in, however, their electrical power source means that they generate immediate heat. If you are searching for outside heaters, our selection of electric patio heaters are easy to install with an included suspension kit. They will not ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Our incandescent bulbs illuminate your terrace with a warm, orange glow giving off a better light than that of a flickering candle.

Easily maintained and long-lasting, electric patio heaters will not let you down.


Fire pits are popular for their timeless appearance. Nothing is quite as comforting as the almost hypnotic dance of the flames of a real fire. A propane gas fire pit cannot compete with the authenticity of real embers, red-hot, glowing inside a black cast iron fire pit. Undoubtedly, the chief attraction of a fire pit is simply how good it looks on a terrace or patio surrounded by a luxurious garden sofa and armchairs. Settling into the corner seat of your L-shaped, deluxe rattan garden set never felt better with the warm embrace of the heat emitted from a cast iron fire pit, evoking nothing else but the rustic thrill of being in nature.

Our fire pits are traditional designs elevated by smart details including, between 3 to 4 steel legs made to keep the fire pit at a raised height to reduce the impact of heat on the ground below it. If you have dry, hardwood logs stored and ready to stock up your fire pit, within minutes you should feel the toasty warmth heating you up. Fire pits take longer to heat up compared to electric patio heating products, but it’s a small price to pay for hours of entertainment around the fire.


Generally, the answer is no. Wood-burning fire pits on a deck in particular are a disaster waiting to happen. Our fire pits are suitable for terraces and patios. It is more feasible to have a gas fire pit on a deck because the temperature can be controlled, that being said, a risk remains. Fear not, this does not mean you cannot have outdoor heating on your deck. Electric patio heaters such as wall lamps are a reliable and safer solution.



To avoid fingertips being burned or hands covered in ash, consider having fire tools such as tongs, pokers, and fire shovels close to hand. Avoid having to ruin a tea towel or kitchen dustpan and rely on a strong fire shovel instead. Fire tools will make stoking the fire or emptying it the next morning easier for you. With a few jabs using a poker, you can bring your fire to life and intensify the heat to make it perfect for making delicious s’mores.


Having a steel fire guard will provide you with peace of mind if you have young children. They are designed to let the fire breathe whilst ensuring that large chunks or sparks from the fire cannot escape causing harm or damaging your garden furniture. If you have a propane gas fire pit, investing in a tempered glass wind guard would be a great option. As we all know the weather is unpredictable and one quick gust of wind could extinguish your flame in a second. You can use a wind guard to maintain a steady flame. Tempered glass is known to be a lot stronger than standard glass. It is also much safer. If your tempered glass wind guard is knocked over or is hit by an accidental blow, it will smash into thousands of small granules instead of smashing into dangerous, sharp shards.


Logs stacked neatly on a log rack or piled into a basket look great and provide a convenient place for you to keep the fuel for your fire pit. There are so many log holders available out there for you to choose from so make sure you know how much firewood you will need and what style of log holder you want. If you have a rattan garden sofa, a small or large rattan basket would look perfect next to it. A vertical, simple log rack might be a better choice if you’re not planning to use too many logs at a time.


Accessorise your fire pit with decorative stones and rocks. Lava rocks are extremely popular for their rugged aspect. Fire glass and pebbles can also be used and support a calm environment. Consider using a lid for your fire pit when it is not in use or invest in a cover to protect it during harsh weather conditions. Fire lids are inexpensive and are normally made of steel. You simply cover the top of your fire pit with the lid. Get some extra chairs or armchairs that match your garden table set and put them around the fire pit to create a sense of harmony and consistency to your style.

Turn your backyard into a small paradise and combine the blazing firelight with the dreamy beams of fairy lights. Wrap them around your trees, bushes, or the pole of your parasol, if you have one, and fully envelop yourself in the tranquillity you’ve created in your garden. Go retro and get one or two Adirondack chairs to have the full experience of sitting fireside. Those nostalgic, oversized wooden chairs will be impossible to leave with a s’more stick in your hand as you gaze around and admire the big smiles on the faces of whomever you decide to share your sacred outdoor space with.