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Planchas & griddles

Are you ready to try a different cooking method? Why not swap out your grill for a flat-top griddle or plancha? Planchas and griddles will transform the way you use your barbecue. For ingredients that require high temperatures, such as fish, seafood, and steak, cooking them “a la plancha” will sear and caramelise them perfectly on the outside and leave them tender on the inside. Using the large, flat cooking surface of a griddle makes flipping your burgers much easier. Get inspired by Spanish cooking and create new dishes with a plancha or appreciate an evenly cooked salmon fillet hot off the griddle.

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4 products


Traditional methods of barbecuing have become traditional a reason. It is normal to gravitate towards a charcoal barbecue with a round grill or a gas barbecue with powerful burners, however, that does not mean they are the only available option out there. You can continue to cook using a grill but, with the help of a plancha or griddle, you can bring new flavours to the table. Impressing your family or guests with your latest barbecue venture could be made easier and possibly better by searing it on a gas BBQ griddle; the intense temperature of the flat-top cooks your ingredients evenly whilst locking in its natural flavours. It is important to remember that our planchas and griddles suit our range of gas barbecues as they are designed to be interchangeable with their grills.


The fundamental difference between a plancha and a griddle is the concentration of heat. Planchas are designed in a way that the burner or flame underneath them concentrates heat on the centre of the slab and the temperature gradually decreases as you go toward the edges. The heat of a griddle is not concentrated. Instead, the heat is evenly distributed across the flat surface.


The phrase “a la plancha” in Spanish cooking means “grilled on a metal plate.” It is a healthy method of cooking because you do not need to apply cooking oils, and the natural flavours of your meat cuts or seafood are locked in and heightened. A plancha’s distribution of heat makes cooking your meals easier and reliable. Most barbecuers find themselves regularly moving their ingredients to hotter areas of the grill. The concentrated heat of a plancha means that its temperature will not waver and instead you can keep your meat cooking in one place without having to adjust the intensity of your heat source. You can make use of the cooler parts of the plancha to keep food warm while you are still cooking.

Planchas were traditionally made using cast iron. They were used in South America and Spain to prepare food in massive quantities. Eventually, their popularity spread to France and the rest of Europe. Planchas have been steadily replacing grills because a plancha does not come into direct contact with flames. Barbecuing is easy when you have a plancha. You can enjoy the company of your friends and family without worrying about temperature control and save yourself time when cleaning up afterwards.


As stated before, there is no great difference between a griddle and plancha apart from the way heat is distributed and the higher temperatures reached by a plancha. A plancha can reach high temperatures of up to 350°C, and a griddle reaches a maximum of circa 300°C.

The word ‘griddle’ comes from Latin and denotes grate or grill. It was originally made using brick or stone slabs and put over a fire. Nowadays, griddles permeate the restaurant and food truck industries. They are popular for their nonstick surface and evenly distributed heat. There are electric griddles on the market which allow for temperature control, and it is simple to set them up by plugging them in. You can find portable, small ones for your kitchen or substantial, outdoor griddles for barbecues. They are practical appliances but limit you to only using a griddle. Instead, at sweeek you can get a value for money griddle plate and use it on your barbecue.


Maintaining planchas and griddles requires less effort than keeping a grill clean. Before using your plancha, you can season it. Wash the plancha with warm, soapy water and then dry it well and apply vegetable oil. After using your plancha or griddle, cleaning it is extremely easy. While it’s still hot, pour a cup of water over it and scrub with a grill brush.

Your gas barbecue is low maintenance also, but when you are not using it or have stored it away, a protective cover is advisable. Our barbecue accessories are here to make using and maintaining your barbecue easier. We have covers available for each of our gas barbecue models.