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Summer is the season for firing up the barbecue and spending time with family and friends. If you prefer smoky flavours and like barbecuing at a relaxed pace, discover our traditional range of charcoal barbecues. We have a charcoal BBQ for every outdoor space; choose from our portable kettle barbecues, multifunctional electric rotisseries, and an efficient, charcoal smoker barbecue. Your guests won’t be able to resist a succulent, juicy steak charred to perfection! Barbecuing is made easier by our various barbecue accessories such as chimney starters. For a less demanding and advanced grilling experience, consider a gas BBQ. At the simple push of a button, you have immediate heat and the ability to control cooking times and temperatures.

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32 products


The smell of a lit barbecue or the sight of delicious food sizzling on a hot griddle will definitely give you that summer feeling. Having a BBQ gives you the opportunity to make the most of your garden, and hosting a barbecue is the best way to spend time with the people you love. Our barbecues are not only quality appliances for cooking your food, but they can also be appreciated for the modern aesthetic they will bring to your outdoor setup. A kettle barbecue's bulbous shape is quirky and adds a touch of tradition to your terrace or patio, and a high-tech, gas barbecue's functionality and steel strength is a modern stamp beside a wooden garden table.

Cook like a pro and multitask with a 6-burner gas BBQ or opt for a classic charcoal barbecue and appreciate the manual work involved. Whatever your preferred barbecuing method is, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from.



Charcoal barbecues are unbeatable when it comes to taste. The intense, smoky flavour of anything that has been cooked using a charcoal BBQ is something you will never grow tired of tasting. You can be creative with what you grill on the barbecue, you’re not limited to meat. Artichokes and other vegetables cooked using a barbecue taste incredible. Try grilled halloumi diced and added to a salad or put in a floury ciabatta roll! Whatever you decide to cook on the barbecue, it will be elevated by the smoky tang.

In comparison to gas, charcoal barbecues are more high maintenance and take longer to heat up. You will need to clean it, empty the ash regularly, and make sure you have enough charcoal for the next time you are barbecuing. We have accessories such as chimney starters that will make starting your charcoal barbecue easier. Although it requires a little extra effort, there is something humbling about having to work a little to prepare a great meal. Everyone will appreciate the time you spent cooking, and the amazing flavour will be worth it!


If you are looking to start barbecuing in your back garden, a charcoal kettle barbecue is a practical and stylish choice. It is the ideal size for smaller outdoor spaces. There is a storage rack providing a convenient place to store your herbs and sauces. You can use a kettle barbecue for smoking and traditional grilling. Our premium kettle barbecues are made using quality materials and have smart features integrated into their design. Well-equipped with a thermometer and removable grill for using a pizza stone, plancha, or wok, a kettle barbecue is a multifunctional, durable BBQ to have.


Our American-style charcoal smoker barbecue allows you to grill traditionally and smoke your food on another level! This model gives you more space to cook and its numerous air vents make it easier to light. Barbecuing involves using a lot of utensils, additional seasoning, and other condiments. Fitted with two wooden shelves, this reliable charcoal barbecue is here to make life easier for you. Use the shelves for food preparation and dishing up delicious burgers. Once the BBQ has cooled down, emptying its ash is simple thanks to an ash collector. After cleaning it, simply fold down the shelves and wheel it into your shed or garage.


While you’re grilling your favourite vegetables on the charcoal grill, use the electric rotisserie to get an irresistible crispiness on your chicken. This clever barbecue combines the traditional grilling method with smart technology. An electric rotisserie cooks your food evenly and allows it to self-baste. You can adjust the height of the rotisserie and use it in horizontal or vertical mode. If you’re cooking for a big celebration, an electric rotisserie and charcoal grill gives you the space and control you need.


Get ready for a clean, highly-organised way of barbecuing! A gas barbecue is designed for efficiency and its multipurpose structure should be used to your advantage. Our models have multiple features that will make barbecuing your favourite thing to do. Firstly, their appearance is impressive and almost stately. Our Richelieu gas barbecue is available in several colours, including deep red and black. Secondly, having a BBQ with up to 7 burners means that your cooking options are limitless. Remove a grill and replace it with a plancha or griddle, use the side burner to keep food warm, and use the other burners for grilling. Multitasking will become the key to making the most of a formidable gas barbecue. While your fish is searing “a la plancha”, and you have two burners on the go, marinate and season with ease by grabbing everything you need from the barbecue’s storage cupboard.

In comparison to charcoal, gas BBQs are easier to use and maintain. On a wintry day, the last thing you will feel like doing is shivering over a charcoal barbecue. With a gas barbecue, you don’t need to wait for charcoal to heat, simply ignite your flames with the push of a button. Cleaning your barbecue after use is easy thanks to a removable grease tray. Stay organised and store your gas tank in the storage cupboard when you’re not using the BBQ. A built-in thermometer and being able to easily increase or decrease the heat of your barbecue means that you can relax in between cooking times and chat to your friends.

A protective cover for your gas barbecue might be a useful accessory to have when you’re not using it. Our covers are weather-resistant and will provide extra protection for your barbecue. If you plan on storing it in your garden shed, a cover will prevent dust from gathering on your barbecue, and if you do not have a sheltered place to store your BBQ, a cover is an essential accessory to guarantee its longevity.

Whether you choose a gas or charcoal BBQ product, all of our barbecue models are designed to last. Materials such as stainless steel and heat-resistant paint ensure your barbecue is in the best condition all year round. Compare our various barbecues to find the perfect addition to your home at the best price. Once your barbecue arrives, get ready for fun-filled summer evenings requiring nothing else of you other than to enjoy great meals, take in the view from your garden and the sight of smiling faces.

Make the most of free delivery on all our products by checking out our barbecue accessories such as chimney starters and diffuser kits.