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Sun loungers & deckchairs

When the days are warmer and summer has finally arrived, it's time to bring out your loungers and deckchairs! We have a wide range of sun loungers and deckchairs designed to delight. Transport yourself to a Tuscan paradise with our terracotta-coloured loungers, indulge in the comfort offered by a wooden deckchair with a foldable footstool, or envision a light breeze brushing your cheek while you change the setting on your adjustable, rattan sun lounger. Finding the perfect garden loungers or deckchairs means gifting yourself a functional and impressive feature for your garden, terrace, or balcony. They look stylish poolside under a parasol or you can match them with a garden table set.

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16 products

16 products


At first glance, choosing a garden recliner chair, lounger, and deckchair appears to be a straightforward garden furniture choice. They are there for reclining on the occasional day, if the weather permits it, and should be selected based on durability. At sweeek our specialists provide this functionality whilst recognising the wonder to be discovered in their aesthetic design. Make the time you spend outdoors your own and explore the many different materials, shapes, and sizes of available loungers and deckchairs. They are a practical option and are luxurious in form and function whilst giving you value for money.

It is worth taking some time to think about which materials will be right for you, the colours you want, and the kind of ambience you want your loungers or deckchairs to create in your garden.


Choosing a deckchair or sunbeds depends on how much space you are working with, the colour and material you want, and the weather they will be exposed to.


This is a significant factor to consider when choosing your sun loungers and deckchairs, however, the advantageous thing about these types of furnishings is that they tend to be easily stored, are stackable, and foldable. Nevertheless, if you have a small balcony a deckchair may be a more feasible option. If you are fortunate to have a large garden or pool, then rattan or wooden loungers may be on your wishlist.

For a small terrace or balcony, our textilene reclining chair and slatted wood deckchair are the perfect size without being restrictive. They are foldable and lightweight makes them convenient to store and makes it easy for you to take them out, open them up, and relax.

A bigger garden or terrace means that you have the luxury of adding wooden sun loungers or parasols to your outdoor living space. The possibilities are endless and exciting. Polyrattan or curved aluminium sunbeds are the perfect place to seek shade under a pergola or soak up the sun after a dip in the pool. You have the flexibility and design inspiration to mix and match and reimagine the layout of your garden furniture. Redistribute your garden chairs and armchairs to make space for a deluxe sun lounger. A set of deckchairs next to a hot tub or pool will be a wonderful area for you to chill out. The most important thing is to remember to optimise the space you have, be resourceful, and form a setting in your garden to which you are drawn and where you want to spend your time.


The material you choose will define the many moments of comfort you and others experience in your garden. It also determines the amount of time you will spend cleaning your garden furniture and maintaining it. All of our products are made with the awareness that they will be in contact with rain and external weather conditions. It is simply a matter of you deciding which material you like the most and believe will meld with the idea you have in mind of how you want your garden life to be.

Deckchairs and sun loungers with an aluminium frame promise longevity, a lightweight material, and resistance to rust. Textilene material for the body of your garden furniture is a smart choice because it is UV-resistant. It is popular for its adaptability because it responds to the shape of your body making it an incredibly comfortable material.

Sunbeds are used for lying on therefore it is absolutely crucial to choose the right material. They are also, more often than not, in use when the sun is shining so UV-resistant materials such as polyrattan and textilene are advisable. We use materials such as wood to accommodate a traditional style, both natural or plastic, to give you the option to choose between substantial and lightweight materials.


Subjectively speaking, this should be the easy part. It is made easier by the variety of colours available to you through sweeek. If you like the idea of a vibrant lounger, our coral red deckchair may appeal to you. If understated describes your style, then our soft grey, quilted sun lounger will fit in seamlessly to your minimalist decor.


Plastic seems to have a bad reputation for ruining the aesthetics of indoor or outdoor living spaces, however, with the right effect and consideration of its advantages, it can be an affordable solution to furnishing your garden or terrace.

The longevity of plastic is undeniable. It is weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and rust-resistant. It requires little maintenance other than wiping it down with a wet cloth every now and then to remove dust or leaves as it does not stain easily.

When produced right, it gives the desired appearance of wood and eliminates the added work of regularly coating it with a protective oil. Our wood-effect loungers are designed with you in mind. The dark wood-effect can then be complemented by a comfortable cushion in a unique colour.

Reinforcing the argument of the practicality of this material, plastic sunbeds can be left outside in the rain and sunshine and will not be damaged by either. Although they are hard-wearing and can withstand harsh weather conditions, if you have a garage or garden shed, storing them during the colder months is an advisable storage solution and would prevent any damage from occurring.


Wood is a timeless material that miraculously ages well if treated properly. It can also fade into a shabby chic piece to be treasured. The sight of a wooden sun lounger or deckchair evokes a sense of earthiness and a grounded existence. It is the kind of material you want to be surrounded by because it promotes a harmonising atmosphere. The understated shade of its woodgrain or hue means that you can decorate it with an eclectic seat or cushion cover allowing you to add the final touch to your garden deckchairs and sun loungers. Over time if you want to change the aesthetic of your outdoor living space, you can decide to stain the wood of your deckchair to give it a darker colour. If you want to make a bolder statement, you can paint over the wood with a bright colour like blue or white.

The sky is the limit when it comes to furnishing your garden, patio or terrace. Combine deckchairs with chic side tables, garden sofas with matching rattan sunbeds, or put stylish outdoor armchairs at your garden dining table. Whatever your vision is, explore our wide range of products now!