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TV stands

There is no reason why the stand for your television should not be as stylish as the rest of your living room. It is one of the main pieces of furniture in the room and, for most people, watching TV is a daily activity. We have TV stands in various different sizes, made using materials such as wood and metal, that will enhance the way you watch television and blend well with your preferred type of sofa or sofa bed. Not only is a TV cabinet a stand for your television, its function and appearance are instantly improved by built-in shelves, drawers, and metal or cannage doors. If you don't have space for a stand, our coffee tables are also designed with storage in mind.

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25 products

25 products


If you or your family enjoy gaming, there is plenty of room for storing game consoles. Having everything you need for the television in one place is more organised and practical.

The most important thing to consider when selecting your TV unit is the dimensions of the television and your living room wall in comparison to the stand. You don't want to have the TV standing out and dominating the decor of your room, on the other hand you also don't want it to look puny on top of an oversized cabinet. Choose carefully from our various sizes and designs to find the most suitable piece that will fit nicely with its surroundings.


If you have a big wall to cover, this will be easy but, if not, more attention to detail will be required. Make sure you have the measurements of your television close by and compare them to the TV table of your choice.

Our Brooklyn-style stand is substantial and well-equipped with six storage compartments. It is made using metal and wood, making it a solid and sturdy piece perfect for withstanding the weight of a big screen. We have other Bohemian-style units at a slightly reduced size which makes them ideal for an apartment or small home. Mesh braiding, also known as cannage, adds a homely detail to the stand and will look fantastic paired with a set of armchairs.

If you are in the market for a less extravagant TV unit at an affordable price, an industrial-themed, metal stand is a modern choice, and its stark limbs will declutter the atmosphere in your living room.


The practicality of a wall-mounted TV stand is inarguable if you do not require any extra storage space, and if you are not looking for another piece of furniture to add to your living room decor. A wall-mounted TV stand provides a way of freeing up space to redistribute your armchairs and be able to modify the angle of your television, however, it has its disadvantages.

If you mount your TV to the wall, it becomes an obvious feature of your living room and it becomes hard to miss the black screen unless it is mounted in a subtle place. It is also not going to offer the same level of stability as a TV cabinet would. The fixed weight of a cabinet spread across a large body made of wood and reinforced by durable metal is hard to compete with.

Making a statement with your unit is also worthwhile as it will contribute to the overall wholesome feel a completed room in your home gives. The diversity of mesh doors and open shelving makes for an interesting play between colours and shapes. Depending on the size of your TV, there may also be room for you to put some decorative ornaments on it or even a rustic lamp to control the lighting in your living room. For a less stocky look, our console tables are narrow, sophisticated surfaces to rest your TV on.


This entirely depends on the dimensions of your television. Our product descriptions and images provide detailed information in relation to the measurements of our TV units. Do not feel limited by the label “TV stand”, our units can be used to display decorative items or be used for storing toys or books in addition to bookcases and shelving units.


Televisions are prized possessions. They gather the family together every evening for a thrilling movie and provide you with endless entertainment. Fragile and treasured, a TV is likely to spend little time being moved or touched apart from the occasional cloth being used to wipe away smudges and improve the quality of your image. Minimal physical interaction means that your TV unit will be protected in a similar manner.

It is advisable to dust your cabinet regularly or wipe it with a damp cloth, however, our units are made with durable materials designed to last. Metal is a strong material and forms the structure of a lot of our furniture. The modern spirit of metal combined with the earthiness of wood is easily maintained as long as you avoid water rings by using a coaster.

Overall, a TV stand is a functional, contemporary, and reliable piece of furniture to have in your living room, or bedroom.