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Are you looking for a quality, comfortable, and contemporary armchair ? Our collection of armchairs are understated gems perfect for any room in your home. They can be matched with your sofa, used as a set under a bay window, or placed in a corner creating a quiet nook for reading. Why not consider one of our designer chairs as a unique piece of furniture to set beside your sofa or sofa bed . We have selected our armchairs based on their streamlined characteristics and Scandinavian pared back aesthetic. Our combination of a wooden, undulating frame with a soft texture is striking. If you contrast an armchair next to a Bohemian coffee table, the mix of textures is mesmerising.

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12 products

12 products


An armchair is a staple for many homes and is used in various ways and put in different places. The practicality of its size allows you to pick and choose where you want to position it and in which room. If you like nothing more than snuggling into the cushioned backrest of an overstuffed armchair, tea in hand, ready to press play on a blockbuster, then you might decide to keep it close to your TV stand.

Where you are going to position your armchair is important to consider when browsing because it will need to either match or complement your existing, or planned, decor. The colours and materials you select will determine the style statement you make and contribute to setting the tone of your home.


What is so important about an armchair or even a chair? Historically, the chair began as a humble stone or an uneven log. It evolved from this to become a throne in Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Romans later developed the daybed, the exclusive curule came along, and centuries later the armchair was reached. It may seem trivial, but the staple role of the chair is undeniable. Its proven adaptability and evolution is present in our desire to constantly move our furniture around and see it presented in a new way, functioning differently.

An armchair adds a certain level of order to the living room when one is placed on either side of a sofa with a console table against the back of it. They can be designer pieces of furniture set proudly in your hallway for guests to admire when they visit you or for you to appreciate every time you pass by, a subtle but effective presence in your home.

Shelves and bookcases bring a welcome warmth to any room. The contrasting colours of the stacked books are nostalgic reminders of autumnal and wintry settings. They are the perfect backdrop or understated companion for armchairs. If you have a nursery, office, space in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, an armchair or two is always a good idea. Use accessories such as small cushions and colourful throws to add a vibrant touch.


Our armchairs easily adapt to any room or colour because they are designed using wood, understated textures, and both bold and vintage colours. This means that you can put our walnut-coloured wooden armchair with a sheep's wool effect upholstery beside a loud, blue velvet sofa bed. Our Lorens wooden armchair is made from eucalyptus wood and 100% polyester. Appreciate its understated appearance by adding it to a neutral colour scheme. Corduroy as a fabric is a more retro choice which is likely to catch the attention of friends and family. It is a soft material and blends naturally with other fabrics you might have in your room.

Size may not be the most important factor to consider when selecting your armchair as, generally speaking, our armchairs have similar dimensions. Aspects such as the sturdiness of the chair and the fabric are essential to your choice. For example, you may require a pet-friendly fabric such as polyester to avoid scratches or marks appearing on your armchairs. A fully upholstered armchair might not be the best option if it will be in the bathroom due to damp. Our Scandinavian-style, wooden armchairs incline slightly and come with rectangular, deep cushions guaranteeing comfort whilst maintaining the desired aesthetic.

As you know the design possibilities that come with an armchair are multiple. Place it as a seat at the top of your dining table for a hint of opulence or, on a whim, you might find yourself taking it outside to gaze at the stars. It is a product that will not disappoint your creative impulses, where the accent is always on freedom. Choosing and later positioning your armchair is made easier by an affordable price and free delivery within mainland UK.


Have you ever noticed the frayed, faded appearance of leather armrests or sighed at the sight of a stubborn stain on your fabric? In most cases these unwanted views are unavoidable over time, however, you can make informed decisions to keep your armchairs in good condition and looking new.

A polyester, modern armchair is designed for comfort but is also the preferred choice for many customers due to the material being more stain-resistant than corduroy. In terms of durability, the fabric is less likely to wear quickly when compared to others. It requires less care and maintenance, but it is still advisable to dust your polyester furniture on a regular basis. It is also less resistant to wrinkling and shrinking.

The legs used for your armchair are made of stained wood therefore it is solidly supported by a strong material.

An armchair is a great way to optimise unused space and add to a cosy ambience. You could put one in your nursery or recline in front of a warm fire on a wintry evening. Whether it is an extra place to sit that you require or something to revitalise the aesthetic of your living room, sweeek definitely has the ideal solution for you.


When you have your new armchairs, you can then decide to enhance them with decorative cushions or a throw. A classic beige armchair could be elevated by a bright-coloured cushion. Make your living room or bedroom eclectic by draping a bold throw over its armrest. For even more comfort, you could add a footstool to your armchair. It does not have to be the same colour or material. A contrast between the footstool and armchair would provide some surprise quirkiness in your living room.

Put a nest table or side table beside your armchair for a convenient place to leave your cup of tea or the remote controls. A nest table is a practical piece of furniture. It is compact and can be easily moved to different places in the house. Display your favourite books or display a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. The contrast of bold colours against a classic beige armchair will look breathtaking. Nest tables are functional pieces of furniture that can be easily tucked away or used for various purposes in your home.

Make the most of free delivery to anywhere within mainland UK and gain peace of mind with our 2-year guarantee. Shop now and find the best armchair for you! If you have any queries, our customer service team is happy to help!