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Coffee tables

Find the perfect living room coffee table for placing impressive vases of pink peonies, succumbing to the trend of displaying colourful coffee table books, and have something unique aligning your armchairs and sofa. It is the central piece tying sofas and sofa beds together, and, depending on your style, it can both shakeup and meld into its surroundings. Select a round coffee table or square coffee table that will transform the flow of your living room. Nest tables are a modernised, practical version of a coffee table. Their clever, deceptive appearance means that you have a primary, larger table with a smaller, similar table nesting underneath. Pull it out and create a funky display or use it as an auxiliary table elsewhere in your home.

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42 products

42 products


A coffee table completes the symmetry and functionality of a room. Choosing one is enjoyable because there are so many different options available. sweeek has a wonderful selection of coffee tables for you to choose from. Be creative and resourceful when browsing our website because you might find it worthwhile to look at our other outdoor, low tables. A polyrattan coffee table finished with a tempered glass surface would bring an alternative style to your living room.

If bringing the outdoors inside is not your sort of thing, we are confident that you will find what you're looking for among our nest tables, industrial framing, and modern feel pieces. Discover the detail in our products such as cannage drawers, expert craftsmanship, and the ever-popular, simple aesthetic of Scandinavian-inspired furniture. Our coffee tables vary in size and design in order to cater to small and big living rooms.


If your coffee table is supposed to be in the centre of your living room and be the obligatory place for leaving your remote control or other items, it is worthwhile to have a modern coffee table which incorporates both sophistication and convenience.

Our metal and wood-effect coffee table is elegant whilst utilising its build. Place your decorative items atop this wood coffee table, make use of its mesh braided drawer to store uninspiring remotes or game consoles, and appreciate the urban inspired design. Its industrialised, natural aspect is timeless and is likely to pair well with most sofa fabrics. We have aimed, in part, to establish a sense of uniformity or consistency across our range. This means that you can match this coffee table with our other products such as our cannage-style console tables.

Nest tables emit the simplicity of minimalism which is reinforced by their innovative design. You can keep them together, experiment with their proximity, and use them to position a quirky composition in your living room. Their practicality is undeniable because you can separate them and use one as a coffee table and its counterpart as a makeshift seat or substitute for a footstool. Each of our auxiliary tables are designed slightly differently. They have the same Scandinavian, oblique legs, and their surfaces are rectangular, however, the subtle contrast between one being patterned and the other being a single colour, is a chic style to have in your living room. You can intentionally clash colours to enliven a bright room or blend to soften its ambience.


Your coffee table will be relied upon throughout its lifetime, so it is important to pick one made of a durable material that is easy to maintain. You might want to consider how it looks beside bookcases and shelving units or patterned armchairs.


A wooden coffee table is almost peerless in its popularity. It matches every fabric, colour, and pattern. Warmth and comfort is brought to your living room if you choose a coffee table made of wood. Our nest tables are made using eucalyptus wood which is known for its longevity and sturdiness. Some of our coffee tables are made with a metal frame which reinforces their strength. Our wood-effect coffee tables are robust and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, make sure to use coasters to avoid water rings, and wipe them regularly to keep them looking pristine.


Glass is a popular tabletop material growing out of the starkness promoted by contemporary interior designers. Selecting a glass-topped coffee table will be a distinctive statement in your living room and bring a sense of elemental animation to a room. The transparency of the glass surface utilises the natural light in your home and creates a feeling of openness. It allows various colours in the room to shine, and it will highlight an intricately embroidered carpet or the woodgrain of a hardwood floor. Glass is more vulnerable to finger smudges and water rings, or other stains, will be more noticeable. You will have to clean the tabletop often in order to benefit from its shining quality.


In a similar way to your sofa or armchairs, a coffee table is an essential part of your living room. It needs to tie in with your vision and the style you are setting with your other fabrics, colour schemes, and pieces of furniture such as TV stands.

A coffee table such as our cannage and wood one would be an excellent fit in a family home or a living room that is oozing with cosiness and has a wholesome quality. It goes well with darker shades such as slate grey or dark green. Combining a wooden coffee table with a sofa upholstered in velvet would be a match made in heaven. If you have a sofa bed, a smaller coffee table or nest table might be the best option because you will be able to move the lightweight tables with ease making room for the bed. If you really want to make your guests feel at home, you could place the two tables on either side of the sofa bed for them to leave their books or drinks somewhere convenient. They are also a good choice if your sofa is a 2-seater, or you only have armchairs because their compact size will not diminish the impact of a sofa or armchair. Conversely, a larger coffee table will stand in harmony in front of a 3-seater or L-shaped sofa.

If you don't think a nest table will suit your living room, you can use them as auxiliary tables throughout your home. One could be the perfect place for your toddler to use their colouring book or display their teddies, another could be used as a raised home for your houseplants. Their compact size makes it easy for you to move them around the house if you feel like it. Nest tables are space saving pieces that will transform the way you interact with the interior design of your home.

A coffee table is a versatile staple in every home. Its reasonably small, rectangular or rounded shape allows you to explore numerous design possibilities. Explore our collection of coffee tables now! Once your new coffee table arrives, it will quickly become an essential part of the setting for long chats with friends and family.