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Avoid the sun’s glare easily by adjusting the slats on your contemporary pergola or enjoy a long lunch al fresco under an elegant gazebo. sweeek has an impressive collection of pergolas and gazebos designed to enhance the way you spend time in your garden. Our pergolas are made using high-quality materials. They combine the perfect combination of classic modernity and functionality. With clean lines and an understated style, a garden pergola fits naturally into your outdoor environment. If you are looking for something more traditional and reminiscent of Egyptian luxury, the timeless sophistication of a garden gazebo is what you need! Thoughtful features such as curtains and zips allow you to create an outdoor cocoon. Parasols are also practical forms of shade for your garden or terrace.

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30 products


When it comes to designing your outdoor space and deciding what kind of tone you want to set, a pergola or gazebo is a great place to start. They are easy to install and allow you to make the most of your garden. There are a few factors to consider when choosing between a pergola and a gazebo. A pergola will become more of a permanent fixture in your garden. It is weatherproof and effectively fixed to the ground. A gazebo is generally seen as a seasonal item to have in your garden. It is the perfect place to relax under on a summer’s day, however, it is not weatherproof and cannot withstand storms and other bad weather conditions. It is important to consider what you need shelter in your garden for and how often you intend on using it.


Pergolas and gazebos both perform a similar task by providing a sheltered place in your garden, however, their capabilities and aesthetics differ.


Pergolas have been used in gardens for centuries. The traditional aesthetic of a pergola includes materials such as wood or stone. Today, our unconventional design brings a modern edge to your garden.


Our pergolas are made from aluminium. It is known for its durability and longevity. An aluminium pergola is built to withstand the damaging effects of rainwater and other weather conditions. It is UV-resistant and protects you from the sun. The roof slats are made from galvanized steel which is a popular choice of material due to its reputation for being low maintenance and its tough coating. We also have pergolas fitted with retractable canopies instead of slats. These canopies are weather-resistant and can be closed and fastened using Velcro straps. Compared to the steel material of slats, a fabric canopy provides a stylish touch. You can choose from several neutral colours, including beige and off-white, to set the ambience in your garden.


Using a garden pergola could not be easier thanks to its adjustable slats and integrated crank. You can experience natural ventilation and customise your exposure to sunlight.  When flat, the pergola’s slats have been expertly sealed to ensure you are protected from the rain. You can also benefit from its internal drainage system. Our pergolas with canopies are easy to use. The canopy is fitted on rails and drawn open or closed using a strap.


The best thing about pergolas is that they look great anywhere in your garden. You can install it in line with the wall of your house to provide a convenient place for your garden sofa. If you want to have an outdoor dining space, centre your pergola in the middle of your garden and put a stylish table under its modern structure. Turn your garden into a paradisiacal Eden by training vines to grow around the posts of your pergola without obstructing your ability to adjust the overhead slats.


Like pergolas, gazebos have been around for centuries. They were first seen in Egyptian gardens. The word “gazebo” no longer has an exact definition. It is essentially a freestanding structure used in your garden as protection from the weather. Originally, it looked like a small wooden house, whereas today it can come in the form of a luxurious tent-like structure.


The fabric of our canopies is polyester which is water-repellent and holds its shape. Polyester is also UV-resistant and durable. Although our gazebos are not waterproof, polyester causes water to bead instead of soak through its material. This means that in the event of light rain, your gazebo should be protected. Aluminium or reinforced steel is used for the structure of our gazebos and provides a strong, stable frame.


Unlike a pergola, a gazebo provides you with shelter from the wind on all sides. If the weather is cold, you can protect yourself from a chilly breeze by closing the gazebo entirely using zips. When the sun is out, you can tie back the curtains easily using Velcro straps. Our gazebos are designed to be practical whilst looking elegant.


Having friends over for brunch or celebrating a birthday party could be transformed by a gazebo. Put an extendable, contemporary garden table under it and enjoy the company of your family and friends shaded from the sun and in the comfort of your garden. For a glamorous evening use some high tables and gala stretch covers to complete the perfect covered setting for a party.



It is easy to maintain your pergola thanks to materials such as aluminium and steel. They are easy to clean and are weather-resistant. If you decide to have a pergola with a canopy roof, polyester dries quickly and its synthetic fibres give it natural resistance to mildew.


Gazebos are low maintenance but require extra precautions. During the winter or severe weather conditions, your gazebo should be stored to prevent any damage occurring to its canopy. If you want to extend the life of your gazebo in the future, replacement canopies are available and will keep your gazebo looking brand new!


If you have a small garden or balcony, parasols and patio awnings are practical solutions.

Whether you prefer gazebos or pergolas, or need the compact size of a parasol, sweeek has an extensive range for you to choose from. Imagine yourself sitting on your Scandinavian-style garden furniture, shaded from the sun without losing the natural breeze or view of your garden.  Once you are finished soaking up the sun beside the pool's crystal-clear water, simply unfurl your easy-to-use, trendy, terracotta-coloured parasol and read the latest thriller. Create a comfortable space with your gazebo during the summer and decorate this space using an outdoor rug or lamps. Relaxing in your garden will never be the same!

Our collection of parasols ranges from compact to large sizes and are suitable for any outdoor space. They are easy to use and parasol accessories such as protective covers, base weights, and replacement canopies mean that you can continue using your parasol for years to come!

Discover our garden products available at affordable prices now and make the most of free UK delivery! Our Customer Service team is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding purchasing a gazebo or pergola.