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Console table & sideboards

A console table or sideboard will brighten and improve the functionality of your kitchen or living room. They go hand-in-hand with bookcases and shelving units. Their space-saving drawers and shelves are ideal for storing your favourite tableware or arranging a curated display of your photographs and artfully oversized coffee table books. The narrow chicness of a console table can line your entrance as a hallway table providing a convenient place to leave your keys.

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51 products
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We can all relate to the frustration of trying to fit all your things in an organised way and putting them somewhere that makes sense in relation to the flow of your home. We have taken the useful concept of a sideboard and console table and applied Scandinavian-inspired craftsmanship for an emphasis on modern practicality and elegance. Choose from our various sizes, shapes, and materials which shift from antique-style, mesh braiding to an urban edge, industrialised blend of metal and wood.

Choosing a hallway console table or sideboard for your home might seem like an easy task, however, size can be deceptive so it's vital to compare measurements. The long, narrow surface of a console table is easier to find space for in your home, however, sideboards are stocky, bulkier pieces of furniture requiring thoughtful placement.


They may not seem all that different, however, an extra drawer or shelf can make a huge difference in your home. A console table is a stand-alone piece of furniture typically used for decorative purposes as a hall table or placed against a wall in a dining room. Usually, they can be distinguished from sideboards based on the absence of drawers and their slender, rectangular shape.

A sideboard is more substantial and equipped for storing items whilst allowing for the aesthetic appeal of a decorated tabletop. They are also stand-alone pieces and are normally set against a wall in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Owing to their increased width in comparison to a console table, they tend to have built-in drawers, shelves, and doors.


Our console tables retain traditional dimensions but some of our products have drawers and shelves which give them the appearance of a reduced sideboard. This means they remain unimposing whilst providing you with the extra space you might need for things you like to keep in the hallway or, if you intend on putting it in your living room, it will serve both a decorative and functional purpose close to your sofa or sofa bed.

For a reduced or minimalist style, a black metal and wood-effect console table could be the right choice for you. Our loft-inspired tables adapt easily to any room in the house. Their straight edges and solid legs add to their versatility. An ornate mirror or adored painting would look effortlessly chic atop this understated item. Its contemporary orderliness means that it will only accentuate or emphasise the decorative items you decide to place on it. If you like the idea of this simple style but need some extra space for everyday items, we have other console tables available. A console table with a rattan-detailed drawer and accompanying shelf is the perfect combination of practicality and class. It is available in a light or darker wood.

Sideboards look great but their primary use is for storage. This means that they are practical to have in an office, bedroom, living room, dining room, and even kitchen. The sizes of our sideboards vary as do their configurations giving you plenty of options to choose from. Our sideboards are made using materials such as rattan and wood making it easy to match them with your existing furniture and colour scheme.

For a more robust yet stylish sideboard, our industrial-themed sideboards are complete with urban, metal doors and shelving. A smaller size might be practical if you want to have room for armchairs or tend to gravitate towards compact furniture. We supply them in either 140cm or 150cm length options depending on the space you want to fill.


We have used metal to frame and structure some of our console tables which makes them sturdier and capable of holding a heavier weight such as your TV. Aside from the logistics of strength, the mix of materials is eye-catching and likely to suit any room in your home.

Wood is a good choice for a warm, homely feel to match your coffee table, and the caning method used for the design of our drawers adds a touch of tradition.


Traditionally, a sideboard is a place for storing items related to entertaining and meals. They were for silverware, crockery, and linen. They have evolved from ornate, Georgian treasures to roomy furniture pieces streamlined by modern design. You can use your sideboard in the traditional way for storing plates, goblets, glassware, and serving platters. Alternatively, it can be put in your bedroom and used for shelving clothes or shoes. The flexibility involved in modern living gives you the freedom to decide what looks good where.

Nonetheless, it is essential to organise your sideboard properly to avoid chaos. The current trend of having retro furniture means that the functionality of a sideboard is fashionable. If you expect to use your sideboard for everything related to dining, it is a good idea to put it somewhere in close proximity to your dining table. Categorise the items you want to store and designate specific shelves for each category. This will save you rummaging through your things to find what you need. Having everything in one place will make it easy for you to host buffet-style dinners using the sideboard. Boxes of matches and bottle openers will be found in record time!

Organising your console table will involve less categorisation because storage is limited. Arranging console tables means coordinating an eye-catching display of items you love and want people to see. It could be a bold, mid-century table lamp, a graffiti-splashed ornament of an elephant, or a funky coffee table book about flower-infused cocktails. Stand a mirror on top of it with two oversized candle holders on either end to set a romantic tone. Whatever way you want to organise your table is entirely up to your creative imagination.

In the same way that a sideboard is not limited to being a place for putting tableware, console tables do not have to only be display tables. You can use one fitted with drawers as a dressing table in your bedroom. If you have a small room, you can use it as a desk. If your outdoor living space is sheltered by a gazebo or pergola, you could bring it outside on barbecuing days and use it to display a spread of salads and other goodies.

Whether you decide you prefer the practical size of console tables or the storage capabilities of a sideboard, our products are guaranteed to carry out your desired function. They are made using quality, durable materials, and are easily assembled.