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Solar showers & accessories

An outdoor solar shower is practical and easy to use. Cool down on a hot summer’s day or rinse off after a soak in the inflatable hot tub. A solar powered shower is an eco-friendly fixture to have in your garden. Thanks to its one-piece design, you have the freedom to install your solar shower wherever you like. Accessories such as an anchoring kit should be used to stabilise the shower and reinforce its resistance to the elements. sweeek has a variety of solar showers available with different features. Their contemporary design will add a touch of streamlined modernity to your outdoor space. Compact and elegant, our solar showers are a functional addition to your patio or terrace.

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6 products

6 products


If you have a garden swimming pool or hot tub, a solar shower is an affordable addition to your outdoor activities. Having easy access to a cold shower after swimming laps in your pool or detoxing in your hot tub, is a desirable luxury. Our solar showers offer temperature control and can be positioned close to your pool or hot tub for convenience.


In order to get the most out of your solar shower, it is recommended that you place it in a location where it is exposed to the sun. Depending on the sunlight available, it can heat water up to 60°C. Our outdoor showers are not powered by a solar panel. Their PVC tanks absorb UV rays and heat the water. The water can heat up in 2-3 hours depending on the size of the tank.



Our solar showers differ in terms of their features and the size of their tanks. Choose from 20L, 35L, and 38L tanks depending on how often you intend to use the shower. Durable materials such as PVC are used to make our outdoor showers to ensure that your solar shower is weather-resistant. Clever features like a tap at the base of the shower to rinse your feet or a drain hole for emptying the water tank add to its appeal. Control the temperature of your solar shower using the mixer valve. Enjoy the water pressure provided by a large, swivel shower head. Our solar showers are available in discrete sizes and a variety of heights to provide you with plenty of options.


Complete your garden with the contemporary aesthetic of a solar powered shower. It will match perfectly with your swimming pool accessories such as a grey protective cover. Discover the trendy curve of our Fontana’s shower head or the uniform shape of our Gutta and Aquae models.


Compared to the cost of electric showers, a solar powered shower is a much better alternative. It relies solely on the heating powers of the sun and will reduce your utility bills. Choosing products such as solar showers or hot tub accessories like recyclable filters means you can enjoy your luxurious items while remaining environmentally friendly.