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Inflatable hot tubs & accessories

What better way to install some luxury in your garden than with a premium, inflatable hot tub? Discover our varied collection of products ranging from square-shaped, remote-controlled hot tubs to classic, round-shaped hot tubs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Inflatable swim spas are easy to install and with the assistance of some hot tub accessories, maintaining your hot tub will be a breeze. If you already have the privilege of owning a hot tub, upgrade it using a hot tub surround! Our stylish, polyrattan surrounds provide a convenient place for you to keep your fluffy towels and snacks. Invite your friends over for a chilled-out afternoon or pamper yourself with massaging hydrojets and a 360° bubble system.

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6 products

6 products


Our range of hot tubs are designed to make owning and using a hot tub easier. Buying a hot tub can seem like an overwhelming task. You might consider drawbacks such as maintenance and assembly. At sweeek we have everything you need in one place. Our hot tubs are easy to assemble and come with repair kits. Filter cartridges are provided and when the time comes for changing them, we have replacement filters available on our website. A big plus is that you can rest assured that you won't spend on costly energy bills, MSpa has developed innovative technology that reduces energy and chemical consumption which will save you money.

Having a hot tub in your backyard should mainly be seen as a source of relaxation and not as a headache. Choose the right shape and size for your future hot tub and get ready to enjoy endless moments of pure bliss!


Studies have shown that regular soaking in a hot tub can offer stress and pain relief. The temperature of the water and the soothing massage of the jets relaxes your muscles. Essentially, having a hot tub will give you a place to relieve your mind and body of the daily stresses of life. Your muscles go through a lot during the day and, according to research, sitting in a hot tub can improve the quality of your sleep. In conclusion, a hot tub can benefit your overall physical, mental, and emotional state.

If you have a big family and are looking for a fun activity everyone can enjoy, our swimming pools are a great option! They are high-quality, affordable products and easy to maintain thanks to our various swimming pool accessories.


Shape and size go hand in hand. The shape of your hot tub will largely depend on the availability of space and how many people you want it to hold. We have between 2-person and 6-person hot tub models available.


It is hard to go wrong with a square-shaped hot tub. They provide the most space without taking up too much room in your outdoor area. You can fit them easily in a corner or against a fence or the wall of your home. A square-shaped hot tub also offers more seating positions than a round tub.


A round hot tub is a traditional shape reminiscent of those you would have seen in 1940s California. Compared to square-shaped hot tubs, round tubs offer a gentler massage experience. They provide a soothing and effective form of hydrotherapy. If you are soaking with friends or family, a round hot tub is a more social experience. You can see everyone in the hot tub and have conversations without having to constantly turn your head. In general, there are more options available to you in terms of materials and designs if you decide to choose a round-shaped hot tub.


Rectangular hot tubs are a rarer sight in the world of hydrotherapy. They add a modern, sleek touch to your outdoor space. Our 2-person, rectangular hot tub comes in midnight blue and can be installed indoors or outdoors. You will love the hydromassage system and ingenious, automatic inflation system! Make sure you review the dimensions on our website and compare it to the space you have available at home for your new hot tub.


Maintaining your hot tub could not be easier. All of our products are made using quality, low maintenance materials such as PVC. Control panels and waterproof remote controls make managing your hot tub simple. Many of our products are compatible with 100% recyclable filters making it easy for you to dispose of used filters in a responsible way. Our hot tubs are smart as products such as our MSpa Nest 2 hot tub use advanced technology to set off an alert when it is time to change or clean the filters.

Drop-stitch technology and leatherette are some of the materials used for our hot tubs which provide stability, durability, and reduce the risk of punctures. The ground cover provided with your hot tub protects the underside of your tub from any stones or sharp items which might pierce or puncture it. Using a protective cover for your hot tub will prevent leaves and other debris from falling into your clean water. Our protective cover for round hot tubs is easily secured using drawstrings. It is weatherproof and UV-resistant. Support your protective cover by placing a floating, inflatable cover underneath it. The two covers will not only keep the water warmer and cleaner for longer, but they will also be an effective safety measure if you have small kids running around.



Using your hot tub will never be the same with the convenience and elegance of a hot tub surround. Our contemporary, polyrattan design comes in a natural or grey colour. It wraps effortlessly around your square or round hot tub. Sit back and relax knowing that you have everything you need to hand. The polyrattan material elevates the aesthetic of your inflatable hot tub and turns it into a chic spot for relaxing. Polyrattan is a weather-resistant material perfect for resisting splashes!


Get the most out of your hot tub with one of our relax kits. They include two headrests and a cup holder. You can rest your neck, grab your drink with ease all while appreciating the calming effects of hydrojets. The kit is compatible with several sweeek hot tubs.


Having to replace your filters is inevitable but it does not need to be a nuisance. You can find affordable replacement filters on our website. They are easy to clean and come with a protective net which extends the life of your filter.

Whether you are looking for an inflatable hot tub or a swimming pool, solar showers are a great accessory to have in your garden. After a quick dip in the pool or a long soak in the hot tub, you can rinse yourself off using one of our eco-friendly solar showers. Their compact size and one-piece design make them easy to fit in your outdoor space. If you have a big garden, there are so many more options to choose from. You can enjoy the luxury of an inflatable hot tub or invest in a pool for a fun, summer activity.

At sweeek we know that investing in an inflatable hot tub is a big decision. We offer free UK delivery and a 2-year warranty on all products to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.