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Chest of drawers

Looking for more storage space? Look no further than our collection of chest of drawers! While typically used in the bedroom, they can also be great additions to an entrance hall or living room. Whether you prefer a Scandinavian, industrial, or vintage look, we have a range of colors and styles to fit your home décor, just like your desk or nightstand. Explore our selection of high-quality, affordable chest of drawers today, with free shipping included!

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21 products

21 products

How to choose your chest of drawers?

Before buying your bedroom chest of drawers, the first question to ask yourself is, "For what purpose?"

Different types of chest of drawers

The simple chest of drawers: This is the classic furniture for a bedroom. It is not very high and has storage, doors and/or drawers. Its drawers are wider than they are deep, making it easy to store clothes, linens, or documents.

The tallboy: This chest of drawers is narrower and only has drawers. The tallboy is perfect for smaller bedrooms.

The semainier: It looks a lot like a tallboy, except that it has 7 drawers, one for each day of the week. We love its retro look, which brings a lot of charm to the room.

The apothecary chest: It is recognizable by its vintage look and very design handles. It has many storage spaces.

The dressing table chest of drawers: It is topped with a mirror and sometimes even lighting.

The changing table chest of drawers: Equipped with a changing tray, this chest of drawers is intended for baby rooms, and the drawers allow you to store hygiene products.

The children's chest of drawers: It is designed for a child's bedroom, so its style and size are adapted. For example, the corners will be rounded to prevent your child from getting hurt.

Size of the chest of drawers

To choose the size of your bedroom chest of drawers, several details need to be taken into account. Start by measuring the room where you want to install it. You should be able to access it easily, and the chest of drawers should not obstruct the passage. A minimum of 50cm should separate the chest of drawers from other furniture. You should be able to open the drawers and doors easily. Then think about the amount of things you want to store in its drawers. Note: A small chest of drawers is on average 70cm long, while larger chest of drawers goes up to almost 200cm. As for width, it is generally between 40 and 60cm. Chests of drawers are on average 90cm high, but you can find smaller models at 50cm or larger ones at 140cm.

Type of storage

The chest of drawers traditionally consists of 3 drawers, but this configuration can vary because there are now chest of drawers with more original designs. Some furniture combines different styles of storage. To choose your model, think about the items you want to store in your chest of drawers and the furniture that you have in your bedroom like wardrobes or desks.


Some chests of drawers may have 2 drawers per row, others 3 or more. Generally, classic chests of drawers have narrower drawers at the top and wider ones at the bottom. Drawers are very practical for storing small items.


They offer more voluminous storage and allow you to store taller objects. The inside of the furniture can be compartmentalized with shelves. Swing doors are practical for accessing the contents at a glance, but they take up more space than sliding doors.

The tray

Let's not forget the tray, which can also serve as storage support: decorative objects, jewelry, and frames can find their place there.

Material of the chest of drawers

Wooden chest of drawers: This is the most classic type of chest of drawers. A solid wood chest of drawers will be sturdy and timeless. Wood is also easy to work with, so you can find wooden furniture in a variety of styles. Wood is warm and will enhance your living space whether it is in a child's or adult's bedroom. Also, you can combine with a wooden