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Chairs & stools

Flexibility is the word when it comes to chairs and stools. Whether you are looking for an understated set of chairs for your dining room or high stools for your breakfast bar, our designer collection is complete with adaptable, multifunctional, contemporary products. Breathe modernity into your kitchen with a leather bar stool, paradigmatic of loft living. If your home carries a more traditional character, wooden chairs or rattan bar stools will provide you with a subtle air of authenticity. Scandinavian-style chairs effortlessly match with the clean simplicity of our dining tables. Appreciate the thoughtful curved shape of their seat designed for comfort and quality time spent around the dinner table with the people you love.

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25 products

25 products


Chairs are one of the final touches to different rooms or spaces in your home. They tie an open plan kitchen together, and blend the last colours or warm, wooden textures in other rooms. Having a set of monochromatic, fabric chairs neatly wrapped around your dining table is an inviting image, they are the harbinger of lively dinner parties and leisurely breakfasts. Your chairs and stools form part of the setting where so many memorable moments will take place. They are useful pieces of furniture. They can provide essential seating at the dinner table one day and then be needed as extra seating outside on your terrace for a party.

At sweeek we understand the significance of this and provide you with a wide range of options to ensure you find the chairs that fit the description of your vision.


Choose from black chairs, metal chairs, rattan bar stools and many others to complete your dining area. It is important that you select the material for a chair or stool carefully because they are going to become a staple item in your home and will be used on a daily basis.

Wood is the material used for the structure of many of our products. Wooden legs establish a solid, sturdy base and will spare you the annoyance of an unsteady seat. Visually, anything made using wood naturally radiates warmth and homeliness which is hard to beat when furnishing your house. The contrast of cerused, wooden legs against dark or light grey upholstery sets a refined tone humbled by the understated elegance and functionality of Scandinavian chairs.

Bar stools and dining chairs made using metal are likely to be alternative in shape due to the malleability of the material. Modern high stools are designed to delight with their contemporary expressiveness embodied by the geometric form of their metal legs. This kind of transformative design is certain to awaken the style of your home. The use of metal in our products breathes originality and is chosen with practicality in mind.

Chrome steel is an affordable alternative to stainless steel. Its shiny aspect fits perfectly in a room coated in cool colours and decorated by consulting the stark faithfulness of modernity. Designed in curved lines and surprising angles, the chrome steel base of a chair is nicely complemented with a soft, bright-coloured cushion and curved, rattan backrest. A formidable piece of furniture like this will bring a retro look to your dining table whilst adhering to the importance of comfort.

If you are looking for chairs to furnish your terrace or balcony, rope garden chairs are a good choice. They are practical due to being stackable, lightweight, and weather-resistant. Their rustic design makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


Stools have evolved with the changing attitude towards the way we use our kitchens. In the past the kitchen remained behind the scenes and was not a place for entertaining guests or showcasing the latest piece of furniture. By the 1930s, the traditional view of the kitchen as being there for function and not aesthetic was gradually upended by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s conception of the "open plan" kitchen. This reshaped the way homeowners used their kitchen islands.

The kitchen island is a place for sharing a bottle of wine with friends while snacking on appetisers. It is the convenient setting for hurried breakfasts and short lunches. Nowadays, so many features and different appliances are incorporated into the design of an island. Wine racks, numerous cabinets, impressive sinks, sockets, and plate racks are only a few examples. Islands have become bigger versions of sideboards. This multifunctional block is elevated by the addition of bar stools. Slide them under a rounded, marble countertop and appreciate the contrast of textures. The novelty of sitting up high is not one that fades easily and is helped by the comfortable, practical stools available today. Our leather stools are adjustable revelations and will give your kitchen a touch of rustic charm. Soft, brown tones and clean, black metal are understated details enhanced by durability.

If you are looking for an unimposing look, natural rattan bar stools are a great choice. They will soften any bright colours and absorb naturally into the decor of your home. Fitted with removable cushions, they are low maintenance stools. Rattan stools would fit perfectly under a natural wood countertop.

Traditional architecture resulted in stools and chairs being separated by rooms, however, people are now leaning towards opening up their homes. They want open plan spaces that make people feel welcome and embrace natural light. Your stools and chairs do not have to match perfectly. In fact, by choosing different colours and materials, and opting for contrasting styles, you can dramatically change a room for the better. Use bright colours to make your kitchen pop and revive any muted shades.


Aside from the typical uses for your chairs such as being used as seats at the dining table or kitchen island, they are < strong > flexible items of furniture that can be used in new ways and transformed by accessories.

Add a stool or two to your outdoor living space to create the relaxing atmosphere of a cocktail lounge. If your child needs a comfortable chair for doing homework in their room, or you want a new place to sit at your dressing table, a soft, corduroy chair is ideal and will accentuate a contemporary look. Make your dining table even more luxurious by adding cushions to your dining chairs.

If you are having a celebration, you will need every chair you can find. Your stylish stools would look perfect beside a high table that has been covered using white stretch covers. Your guests will be able to imagine they are attending a gala event. With this in mind, they are also a good idea for themed parties. If you are hosting a poker night or playing a heated board game, why not use your high stools to alter the mood, changing it from a typical night into an unforgettable experience.

By choosing stools and chairs with similar colours you can mix and match where you put them in your home. You could even put wooden armchairs at the head of your dining table.

Explore our collection, available at an affordable price and enjoy the ease of free delivery within mainland UK.