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Practical guide.


Innovative and functional

Our bioclimatic pergolas are an advanced alternative to classic pergolas, as the roof slats can be adjusted, to optimise efficiency and be used in all seasons. Additionally, the Triomphe collection features an aluminium structure, providing strength and durability!


Integrated slat and drainage management system

The top awning features 1 or 2 rows of tilting slats that can be opened and closed using a crank. You can individually adjust the slat rows to provide partial or full shade under the pergola. When fully closed, it protects against both sun and rain, and by partially opening the slats, you get ventilation without sacrificing sun protection. Do you wonder where the rain goes? The slats ensure a tight seal with an integrated drainage system to prevent leaks, ensuring a dry and comfortable space no matter the weather. No need for an umbrella or sunscreen – we're here to keep you covered from both rain showers and sunny days!


Self-assembly pergolas delivered to your home

Intuitive and accessible assembly, supported by an easy to understand manual. Additionally, enjoy free delivery for a complete and cost-free experience.


Valid on all Triomphe bioclimatic pergolas purchased after 01/01/2024 except 3x3V1.

All other models follow our 2-year warranty policy.


Our range

Side walls or retractable privacy screens explore the options to complement your pergola that suit your home!


Here to help!

Expert customer service available to answer any pending questions you may have regarding our bioclimatic pergolas. Your comfort and peace of mind are our priority!

Contact form HERE reach us on 0121 790 0289.

(Phone lines open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00)



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